Your Zeal for Life is what keeps you alive and thriving

Let us talk about “The Chase” – it is the juice and joy of Life. We are led to believe that the goal of life is to retire or to achieve financial freedom and just travel around enjoying yourself and not do anything grand or chase big goals.

But that is not how achievers are wired. Some people can spend retirement sitting on the, having beers with mates, playing a little golf, watch TV, help a friend and be perfectly content. They have no need to chase goals or extend there skills, talents and achievements.

But ACHIEVERS cannot simply retire and have no goals to CHASE. For achievers to survive and thrive – there has to be a CHASE – a goal to achieve, o mountain to climb, an organisation to build, a cause to pursue and help others.

When Darren Hardy was in his 20s he sold a company for a price that would have allowed him to retire and just ride around on his Harley, play golf, lunch at resorts for the rest of his life. However, after a few months he was bored to death – he had nothing to CHASE, to be challenged or to achieve.

He seemingly had it all – but he was spiritually, emotionally and mentally bankrupt. He was lost in the pain of not having a Goal to achieve.

Achievers need The Chase – it is what gives us life and the juice for our soul. The Chase is our creative spirit giving us a chance to express itself and use the skills and talents we have acquired to this point. But we need to use them – to get The Juice.

The Chase is the beginning and the end and the journey along the way. You can give it many names – Purpose, Big Hairy Goal, Pursuit, Mission, Cause, or Vision.

Proverbs: “Without vision people perish”

It didn’t say without golf, or without sport, or without the gym – no it said without a Purpose, the Chase, a Vision. – people will perish.

The Chase is the very Verbe of Life for an achiever.

3 pieces of advice about The Chase:

  1. Don’t want what you don’t want
    1. You will always be chasing until your time comes
    1. So only pursue what keeps you alive, what satisfies your Spirit
    1. In fact, if an achiever decides to retire – he or she will die not long after retiring – if they lose their reason for living by stopping The Chase
  2. Pick the right Chase – because you are going to be putting many hours into this Chase – so make it worthwhile and beneficial
  3. Chase for the Right Reasons
    1. Are your reasons intrinsic or extrinsic?
    1. “The goal of this grand adventure we call Life is to see what we can become with all we have been given “  Jim Rohn
    1. When you stop pursuing your goals – stretching, pushing limits, challenging yourself and others – your Life Force begins to die along with your Spirit.

It is often said – use it or lose it. If we don’t use and expand our skills and talents – then someone else may as well have them. Sitting on the porch watching TV with a beer – day in and day out – won’t cut it for long – for and achiever.

Achievers need to use their potential and determine A Chase.

We are going to be Chasing – it gives us Zeal and Purpose in this life.

So, enjoy the journey of the Chase. Drink the Juice of the Chase and of the things you create through your endeavours.

Make sure what you CHASE gives you energy, joy, fulfillment and contentment.

Don’t ever let your Juice for Life, your desire to become better, the use of your energy and talents to improve the life of others – be allowed to wither through laziness – for this leads to death of the soul and ultimately of the body at an earlier age.