Mario's Range

When I turned 40 I noticed my energy levels weren’t the same – I was more tired and I didn’t feel quite right. I had always had a healthy diet and active lifestyle but something was off balance. Like we all do, I visited the doctor for some blood tests.

When the results came back normal, I wanted to investigate further and made an appointment to see a local Naturopath. The recommendations she provided soon had me feeling better than ever. The experience was a revelation for me as I wanted to provide everyone with that same breadth of health support through my own health destinations. This idea quickly became a reality when I brought on my Naturopath as a full-time health practitioner at my Woree pharmacy in Cairns.

Our partnership was dynamic and “Mario’s Range” was born. Over the years, my expert team and I have built a comprehensive range of essential oil blends, tonics, creams and sprays. Several of these products are now listed with the Therapeutical Goods Association and the entire range has been able to help more than 100,000 Queenslanders (so far).