In Design a Good Life – We have spoken times about how we need to create good or better habits and use out time more wisely when it comes to family, social, business, health and so on.

I thought I would attempt to make an easy-to-follow plan by reducing words and helping you to navigate the day more easily:


Netflix Marathons –while some binging is okay at times, they can cause havoc with sleep and can binging on other technology, cards, parties, drinking  etc.,These are okay from time to time but not as a regular eventSleep is important especially during the week. Important to be quiet on most nights an spend time in involvement with quiet activities. Go to bed at the same regular hour,
Fast Food Home Made food
There are times when we run out of time and have to garb something.Good food and regular eating times are important – this is the basis of your health – you will regret compromising your health.Food is essential, A good mix of fruit, verges, proteins, grains are important. Time is well spent to ensure you have a good breakfast and bring good nourishment to work.   
Toxic Friends Mentors
Remember we have said that we become the total of the 5 people we spend the mot time with a/It makes sense that we are influenced by what is around us. We see, hear, do and are influenced by people around us and our environment,The people we hang around with the most just have to influence us to a great extent. So be careful who you allow into your inner circle. There are e people who are casual friends and they are good for a laugh and small talk, there are those when are always negative and critical (say good bye to them) and there are those few who you can trust, discuss ideas, ask how you are going, ask and give advice. These are the ones you need to spend more time with.   
Complaining Gratitude
Is a common way to act, we confront more and more of it every day? It is basic gossip and detrimental at home, in the workplace and socially. Usually based upon lies or a misunderstanding.Complaining or whining gets us nowhere – except to push people away from us. Instead of whining and creating negative energy around you and the group – find ways to improve the situation and add positive energy to the discussion.Gratitude is almost the most powerful virtue we have. It means to be thankful for what you have or don’t have; what you would like and what you cannot have right now). It teaches us patience and tolerance.
Blame Responsibility
If you wish to become a better person do not blame anyone or anything, accept that the responsibility for something going well or no is your fault,There are Two main mindsets – Above or Below the line. People want to be people who are Above the line. They are optimistic, are accountable and responsibility for their decisions and actions. While Below the line people Blame others, make excuses and deny what has been said or done.  Taking responsibility is being open to your better self. It stops feeding the bad wolf inside all of us. It makes a bigger that we are so we grow into the better version of ourselves,
Procrastinating Action
This is INACTION. It is playing the couch potato. It is being lazy and being satisfied with doing nothing to improve your life or that of others,We were born to be lazy, to do as little as necessary. However we do have to act so as to achieve something, We are happiest when we ACT, when we achieve something, when we have excelled above our comfort zone.When you usure of what to do – do something anything), It may not be the right or he best decision at the time BUT at least you are moving.

Sometimes putting ideas into a chart helps us see things more clearly. WE can add or remove these idea at will. But if  you work on this chart lone enough more clarity will be found on how to improve and better your life