So as to ensure your Compressed Time continues to build Momentum – Delegation is essential.

Delegation is a JIG that allows you to keep momentum going – in your business or personal life.

The use of a JIG in cutting many pieces of wood to the same length removes the need of  having to measure each piece before cutting. And ensures they all come out the same size.

It pays to find and to INVEST – the time NOW – so that others can do the tasks that you should not be doing.

Basically do it NOW so you don’t ever have to do it again – DELEGATE

Delegating is not something most of us do well. The 4 Quadrant (Part 1) does help to shift out the importance of tasks and delegating the how, who, when and what.

In the 7 Elements of the Wellness Wheel I have emphasised that we need to pay attention to all parts of our life  – Family, Fun, Faith, Finance, Leadership and Physical and Emotional Health.

The aim is to be more efficient, less busy and make more time for REST, fulfilling projects, mental and emotional health.

BUT I don’t have the TIME to work this out – comes the cry!!

There is urgent NEED to FIND this TIME – NOW – so there is far  better use of TIME in the future.

NO JIG, NO ordered Delegation – LESS REST, MORE DIS-TRESS – and the more energy is robbed by YOU from YOU.

MORE TIME = MORE FREEDOM to choose what you would like to do.

The ART of DELEGATION is a struggle – TO DELEGATE is TO TEACH, TO TRUST, TO TRACK. Its AIM is for you to be in CONTROL but NOT in CHARGE and build Momentum

FOCUS on the NOW for the FUTURE – THE 4 QUADRANTS, THE DELEGATION – LEAD TO continued better use of Compressed Time and more MOMENTUM.

J.C. Penny: “ The surest way for a Leader to kill him or herself is to refuse to learn how or when to delegate work”

Delegation is just not passing off work and Abdicating – Delegation is staying in your passion zone and finding others with the other passions needed to do other tasks

KEYS to Delegating:

  1. PAUSE
    1. Find and set aside the TIME to determine what to delegate – invest this time (like the train at the station)
    2. Invest this time to save time many times over in the future – create JIGS
    1. Who have different strengths/gifts/passions – who love what you hate
    2. TRUST is a big factor in this choice
    3. Define the VALUES expected to be displayed
    4. Explain the WHY of the position – a person needs to know the real reason for and how this position fits into the overall business
    1. How it will be tracked – When, How. What is measured
    2. Be clear and Certain on the Outcomes expected
      1. Delegate the TASK/s – not the procedure – the HOW
      2. Focus on Outcomes and Results – not the HOW or the Process
    4. MAKE SURE THEY HAVE ALL THEY NEED to do the task/s
    5. LET THEM FLY and TRACK their Outcomes 

Keep in mind that not delegating costs money, energy, your time, health, productivity – you fail to use your Compressed Time and building Momentum

“People often end up being busy on the wrong things – so they feel they are being productive – but it isn’t getting their business or career anywhere. Make sure everyone is productive only on the things that propel them or the business forward. Become the MASTER of doing what propels you and the business forward” A general manger of Virgin Airlines

Delegation leverages your time and  leads to EXCELLENCE separating the GREAT from the Average.