Principle 3: Decisive Action creates Opportunity and requires CHOICES

“Indecision is the thief of Opportunity”   Jim Rohn

“The few who do are the envy of many”

Planning is a big part of being successful and becoming the best of which you are capable.

I think we can all agree that we have felt better, or relieved, or focused – after we have made a decision or know a result – we can plan on the best type of action.

Whether the decision is right or wrong, good or bad – we have a direction and something to focus on.

We can always change direction, or our Quadrants or our delegation – if we are moving, if we have momentum.

Staying still and going around in circles is simply BAD. Procrastination is so COMFORTABLE!!!!!

Procrastination is a little like having one foot nailed to the floor – you can move – but you have an excuse not to go anywhere or do anything.

Choosing really means – Saying YES to something while saying NO to something else. We cannot have it all.

In choosing we should weigh up the Opportunity Cost of doing or not doing. Will we receive dollars of reward for a few cents of investment or will we receive only cents of reward for the investment of dollars.

You REALLY cannot have it all – there are always trade-offs and choices to be made:

  1. You cannot be happily married and have the benefits of a single life
  2. You cannot have kids and have lots of time to yourself
  3. You cannot have a busy weekend and get lots of rest
  4. You cannot be a leader and be free of responsibility
  5. You cannot be an Entrepreneur and enjoy a sense of safety
  6. You cannot be rich and famous without sacrificing privacy and normality

It you expect to have it all in life – you could end up with very little and likely to lead a life of perpetual frustration and disappointment. So CHOICES are important.

In CHOOSING we need to consider the trade-offs and their opportunity costs or rewards:

  1. Do you play tag in the yard with the kids – or finish off that proposal you need to do have prepared by tomorrow?
  2. Do you take out student loans to go to Uni or do you start a new business that excites you?
  3. Do you stay at the fun party till late or do you leave early to get your rest so you begin tomorrow fresh?
  4. Do you spend time to cook, eat and clean up after a meal at home – or do you go out to dinner

At first glance you could say these are relatively fair trades. But then you have to factor in the opportunity costs or rewards which could include Finance, Fun, Family, Physical or Emotional Health.

NOT evaluating these trades properly is what depletes your returns in life.

Everything you say YES to – is saying NO to something else.

That is why you cannot have it all.

You cannot have your cake and eat it to – because the cake is gone after you have eaten it. What is the opportunity cost or reward for eating the cake? Is it simply instant gratification or does it improve your health?

  • If you say YES to a new pair of shoes – you are saying NO to your savings account.
  • If you say YES to a Netflix movie you are saying no to sleep and getting to the gym in the morning
  • If you say YES to FB, Instagram etc. – you are saying NO to using your time to accomplish your desired goals

The opportunity costs of some trades are just not worth it.

They could make you a weaker player in the Market place of Life.

So your aim is find trades that cost you cents and reward you in dollars: For example:

  1. Someone you have wanted to meet is across the room – do you risk embarrassing yourself to cross the room to meet this person who could potentially be your future spouse, a future investor, a future friend, a future mentor – and foregoing what could reward you with decades of joy and exponential returns on your emotional , financial and physical health?
  2. Do you put away the fear and call a big potential prospect or give in? Possibly forgoing a great business opportunity if you don’t?
  3. Do you spend a few dollars in buying a book or CD program that will educate you on how to live a better life? Or do your spend money on entertainment and short term ‘have it now’?

Virtually any investment in your own personal growth will turn cents into dollars. The opportunity rewards will always outweigh the dollars of investment and the time you dedicate to applying the principles will improve your life in all Elements – Family, Faith, Fun, Finance, Leadership, Emotional and Physical Health.

So to remove the pressure of striving to have it all, of being ‘all’ to everyone, of living up to others’ expectations, of going with the crowd –GOOD CHOICES and WISE DECISIONS are critical.

Making choices and forming habits that have big, wholesome and high opportunity rewards at little cost – should be our primary objective.

So to become better in the marketplace of life and to live the best life of which you are capable it should be acknowledged that:

Everything you say YES to – is saying NO to something else.


  1. In Part 1 I spoke about:
    1. The importance of determining the priorities of tasks by using the 4 Quadrants.
    2. The Power of Focused Compressed Time on the Tasks that really matter to you and building Momentum in these areas.
    3. It is true that we all have 24 hours a day and cannot ‘make time’ – however we can use our time and our energy more effectively.
    4. I did state that Multitasking is not necessarily a Badge to be worn proudly as it depletes our energy.
  2. Part 2 focused on Delegation and how crucial an element it is in allowing us to build momentum throughout our business or networks.
  3. Part 3 I have touched on Decisions, Choices and that you cannot have it ALL.

Everything you say YES to – is saying NO to something else.