Are you drawn in by the division, the chaos, the vitriol – supposedly reflecting daily life – on our TV, phones, FB, Media News?

Are you discouraged, hurt, angry, confused or just sick of this soul sucking daily mayhem – which seems to led to more and more of the same?

Are you wondering how to get off this rollercoaster and build a better personal and family and work life?

Building a better society requires each individual to act with virtue and character. It is a responsibility we each have to accept so that the culture of our society is calm, safe and prosperous.

Virtue and Character include – Humility, Patience, Generosity, Forgiveness, Compassion, Carefulness, Integrity, Honesty and Common Sense – to name a few.

When we act with these virtues in our personal life and the lives of people we influence – we create Holy Moments.

Holy Moments look good on you and me.

Holy Moments mean we are Helping and Serving and being Accountable and Responsible – Instead of Taking and Expecting and Blaming or Making Excuses.

Holy Moments make us Heroes in our own and other people’s lives.

Let us look at Humility.

St Joseph, Mary and Jesus are key figures in history. How you view them is not important. Yet apart from being mentioned as a Father to Jesus – Joseph has NOT one word recorded in the Bible.

So why does the Catholic Church set a whole year aside to focus on Joseph? Because:

  1. He did his job as protector and bread winner for his family
  2. He made himself 100% available for this responsibility and his role
  3. He was Humble – he just did what he was born to do to the best of which he was capable.

There is much spoken and written about Servant Leadership – you rarely find it in public life today. A big factor of this leadership type is HUMILITY.

In fact the higher up the ladder of Leadership importance – the more humble you should be. For there are more people to lead, to guide, to advise, to encourage to lead the best life they were born to lead.

One of the big by-products of Humility is Co-Operation. Seen much of that over the last 12 months at Federal and State Authority levels?

A quote from the Bible by Sirach states:

“Humble yourself – the greater you are – and you will be loved more than a giver of gifts”

That is – the greater you become, the more humble you should become because the more important and influential your actions and decisions.

God and the World needs YOU – not another Mother Teresa, not another John Paul II, not another Francis of Assisi. They lived the life they were born to live – so should you.

Holiness is universally attractive and we need to create Holy Moments every day.

Holiness looks good on you – Its attractive – nothing looks better (Generosity, Patience, Respect, Kindness, Compassion, Courage, Forgiveness, Humility)

Choose to make Holy moments during the day – behave well, speak well – moments that look good on you. Need to recognise when we aren’t and take responsibility to improve – what doesn’t look good on you?

To Change your life – change your choices. Don’t let your past poor choices – define your future.

Holy Moments – lift you up, you are fulfilled

  1. Find 10 minutes a day to pray, to meditate, to think in silence, quietness, solitude – it will change your life
  • Ask God or Nature or whoever or whatever – what do you think I should do?
  • We need to fill our Spiritual Element with goodness – don’t neglect your Soul, your Spirit. It is the ESSENCE of who you are.
  1. Check your Content Diet:
  • Check the list of the books, people, TV, Media you are going to read or watch or associate with in the next year and you will know who you will become.
  • Are they making you the best version of yourself or just ordinary?
  • Is this content and people good for you?
  • What influence is it having on your life?
  • What are you feeding your children or those you are responsible for? The present Culture is powerful and strong and euphoric.

To make better choices – ask questions:

  1. Will it improve you and your relationships?
  2. Why is this important to you and to your relationships?
  3. Who else is involved?

Decide to start by creating ONE HOLY MOMENT per day. Be mindful of your Spirit, your Soul.

The world needs Holy Moments. There is no worldly solution to our many Spiritual problems.

Holiness looks good on you!!!