Less than 20% of people who start something ever finish

The few who do are the envy of those who watch

The teacher opens the door – but you have to enter by yourself

 3 Actions to increase your Future Achievements?

  1. Principle 1 – More is achieved in Compressed (Focused) Time– The Law of Momentum
  2. Principle 2 – Learn to Delegate– Teach/Trust/Track
  3. Principle 3 – Decisive Action creates Opportunity– Indecision is the thief of opportunity

Principle 1: More is achieved in Compressed (Focused) Time

Newton’s Law of Inertia states that an object stays at rest unless acted on by an unbalanced force.

Breaking this Inertia is the hardest and most energy sapping part of any endeavour.

This is one reason why I don’t get excited when someone skites about being great at multitasking’.

While there is a place for it and it is difficult to avoid – you are in reality constantly starting and stopping, starting and stopping!

Multitasking uses up time to an extent that you may more frequently say in frustration:

“I need more time or I don’t have time”

We all know that everyone in the world has 24 hours a day. So why do a small percentage of people achieve so much and the majority so little?

Besides our natural propensity to procrastinate – the main reason seems related to the use of our time and in particular our ability to focus on the important tasks we are required or wish to achieve.

Compressed Time is time focused on one important task at a time. You know what you need to achieve and you close off all forms of distraction to ensure maximum outcome.

This is where the term Compressed Time or Focused Time plays the critical role.

Because focused time on a task or outcome produces MOMENTUM and LEVERAGE

Let us use the example of a train at a station.

A train at a station requires much energy to begin its journey. It uses up most of its power in starting and leaving the station. Them as it gathers speed it has the MOMENTUM to continue at speed with less effort and less fuel.

This is like beginning an important or new task.

This phase is mundane and we get almost NO DOPAMINE hit or an emotional high in doing so.

It does take effort (in planning and setting the best environment) to get started.

Compressed Time is difficult to achieve unless you set aside the uninterrupted time and the private place to work on an individual important task. Ignore the phone, the emails, the knocks on the door and anything other distraction.

However after you get started and focused – gradually the task becomes easier and you see some results.

You are now – like the train on its journey – gathering Momentum. You are magically in the ZONE.

The energy or time you set aside is now ONLY FOCUSED on this one task or project. You get more output per minute.

You have used your time wisely and your productivity is high, your satisfaction is high, your happiness is high.

Avoid the illusion of Multitasking – as often as possible – it is not a badge of achievement. BUSY is not an excuse.

At University we used to say “The more you shit – the more you learn”.

What we were really saying was that the more COMPRESSION of study the more we learned – because we were focused on one result.

One very basic example to determine which tasks you need to focus and which ones you can delegate or delete or avoid is the use of the 4 Quadrants:

Yes it is simple – it is basic – it is old – but we tend to look for complex solutions when simple is the ideal.











Problems and PanicThese NEED to be ACTIONED

Demand + Necessity is the Focus and quickly delegate if needed

·         Wildly Important Goals

·         Vital Customers calls/follow ups

·         Major Deadlines

·         Last minute changes or tasks

·         Pressing Problems

·         Crises

·         Projects & Deadlines

Prevention & PlanningFocus on Strategies and Values

Planning + Opportunity   

·         Relationship building – praise/teach/tracking

·         Planning – Daily/Weekly/Monthly Outcomes

·         Finding New Opportunities

·         Professional Development – Self/Team

·         Coaching & Mentoring – build team of leaders

·         Productive activities














Puny PestermentsAVOIDNot your emergency

·         Too many objectives

·         Unimportant meetings

·         Meaningless reports

·         Needless interruptions

·         Low priority emails, texts, phone calls

·         Other people’s minor problems

·         Supposedly pressing matters

·         Most meetings

Piddling PastimesELIMINATE

REDUCE the TRIVIAL and the WASTEFUL activities

This is where time is wasted and little achieved


·         Workplace gossip

·         Busywork – usually pointless/wasting time/Trivia

·         Aimless Internet searching

·         Irrelevant phone calls

·         Doing things that are comfortable – not productive

The aim is to reduce the Urgent/Important and decide the important ones in the Not Urgent/Important Quadrant. The more you can Delegate or Delete in the other 2 Quadrants – the better.

So much time is wasted in the two bottom Quadrants.

Be selective about multi-tasking. Please don’t brag about it being the bee’s knees. It uses up energy and takes you away from what is important.

Part 2 next week Principle 2 Delegation.