“The moment you were born – it was risky

If you think trying is risky – wait until they hand you the bill of regret for not trying

If you think investment is risky – wait till you get the tab for not investing

If you think saving is risky – wait till you need savings for something urgent and you have very little

It’s all risky.

Getting married is risky. Having children is risky. Going into business is risky. Changing jobs is risky.

It’s all risky.

I’ll tell you how risky life is – You are not gonna get out alive“ –  Jim Rohn

Fear, anxiety, compliance, rules, laws, application forms, accreditations, passports, medical history – seem to pervade our lives. There are constant reminders that we could get fined for speeding, for not wearing a seatbelt, for parking in a loading zone.

It is easy for the mind to be in a constant flux of not taking a risk and staying safe and following the rules.

However, while some rules should definitely be obeyed we need to ensure that our life is not dominated by not taking risks.

As the introduction expressed – almost everything is risky. It is the level of risk versus reward that should be of consideration.

All we can be certain is the NOW.

We do not know who will win and yet unplayed tennis, cricket or a football match. The thrill of betting on the Melbourne Cup is that perhaps you may pick the winner. The risk is – how much money will you lose and can you afford it.

The adrenaline rush of a roller coaster ride is amazing. Yet there can be an accident. It’s risky but the reward is high.

The life refreshing feeling of an early morning run, air balloon ride, a 5 kilometre ocean swim, a helicopter ride around the Grand Canyon or just watching a live band – are special enduring moments.

It’s all risky.

You never know what is going to collapse, who is going to show up and cause trouble, whether a shark will come along side you, whether the helicopter engine will fail – It’s all risky.

However – without risk – we have little enjoyment in our life, few memorable moments that take our breath away, we miss out on learning more about the world and its people.

It’s risky to ask someone to dance. But if could be your life partner you are asking or walking away from.

It’s risky to cross the floor at an event and introduce yourself to a person you are certain could be of help to you.

It’s is risky to make a phone call to someone you don’t know but who you can surely help you with advice and support.

It’s all risky – yet at worst you get a “NO”. Better to have tried and failed – than not tried at all.

Especially with COVID having been around (seemingly forever) it is easy to become so complaint, so focused on following the current dictum – that we forget we have a life a lead.

And although we have priorities to be aware of – for the sake of our family, community and ourselves – we do have a life to lead and memories to make.

If we listen to all the possibilities that could occur and the injury that could befall us – we miss out on life.

It’s all risky.

Knocking on a new neighbour’s door to welcome him or her or them is risky. They could be rude or not interested. However you might just be the one whose help or friendship they need.

It’s risky – but the potential reward is great.

Associations are risky.

You become the sum total of the FIVE people you spend most of your time with. Associations are important – they form and mould your life. What is discussed, what they eat, how they live their own life, what they read or listen to – all combine to influence how you live your life.

Changing associations is Risky. However not changing them could ruin your life.

There are some people you can spend 3 minutes with but not 3 hours.

There are some people you can spend 3 hours with but not 3 days.

There are some you can spend 3 days with but not 3 weeks.

There are very few – perhaps only one – you could spend every day with.

Choices, decisions, activities, dreams, sport – it’s all risky

Whether you take risks or not. Whether you try to stay safe and avoid risk.

Whether you create a life of action, a life of special moments, a life of connection to family and community, a life of pushing yourself to where you would dare not go – or just try to be compliant and stay safe  –

“You are not gonna get out Alive”

So you might as well take the risks. And lead a full life. Become the best version of yourself.