Ambition is a powerful force – it turns hopes and dreams into action into achievement.

However, it should be pursued in a Noble manner.

The Noble virtue of Ambition is the eager desire to achieve success and goals in the service of others – not at the expense of others.

 Ambitious is seeking personal gain at the expense of others.

Giving and learning are at the core of Ambition.

  • If it is your ambition to be wealthy, you must first learn how to give.
  • If it is your ambition to be healthy, then you must learn what to eat and drink, and do what will help you be healthy.

Ambition does not entail being greedy or selfish. It is not about avarice. Judas ended up with the money, but later he took his own life. He sold out; he had regrets, and not satisfaction. What he did may have been motivated by ambition, but what he got and what he became were contrary to his expectations. What really drove him was greed, not a desire to achieve or to serve. He was Ambitious.

As stated: Ambition is an eager desire for distinction, power or fame”.

 What is eager?

  • Children are eager for their birthday parties – for food, presents and being the centre of attention.
  • Adults are eager for birthdays, too – unless the number of candles on their cakes outnumbers their achievements.
  • People are eager to see a football game, to buy a new car, to meet up with friends.
  • But how often do you hear of people being eager to live a better life, eager to have a better family, eager to learn more, eager to help someone else?

The backbone of an eager desire to change is discipline and action. It is not sitting in front of TV and wishing for something better to occur.

Noble ambition is a disciplined, eager desire to achieve.

 If you want a better life tomorrow, you need to start working on it today.

  • It means living with this desire – minute to minute, and day to day.
  • It allows new habits and behaviours to be formed by consistently improving ourselves.

Besides the values of our family and our associations, the next most powerful quality contained in Ambition is the ability to dream.

Dreams are a projection, a driver, and a remover of obstacles. The creative force of dreams should be so powerful that it can remove every obstacle in our way.

  • Dreams must be well-defined and vivid.
  • Dreams allow you to see the future before you.
  • Dreams should make you feel uncomfortable and challenged
  • Comfortably comfortable does not ignite your Ambition.

Ambition leads to success and achievement:

  • Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying self-discipline (the glue that binds inspiration with accomplishment).
  • Success is making your life what you want it to be.
  • Success is attracted to you by the person you become.
  • Your goals, your plan for life and your disciplines all lead to achievement and success.

Ultimately we must suffer one of two pains – the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.

Discipline weighs a few grams. Regret weighs tonnes.

You can change all things for the better if you change yourself for the better.

The influence of those around you is so powerful, so subtle and so gradual that often you do not realise how much they can affect you and your direction in life.

Jim Rohn would say that life is worthwhile if you try, if you stay till your commitment or promised activity is finished, and if you care enough to change and become better.

I ask you to promise yourself to:

➢ Let others lead small lives – but not you.

➢ Let others argue over small things – but not you.

➢ Let others cry over small hurts – but not you.

➢ Let others leave their futures in someone else’s hands – but not you.

Design your own Good Life