Good Character + Good Language + Abundant Mindset + Good Associations and Environment

= Your GOLD Dust that SHINES and holds the CRACKS and PIECES of your HUMANITY together.

Can something that has been almost completely broken be put back together? YES it can!

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold — built on the idea that in embracing flaws and imperfections, you can create an even stronger, beautiful piece of art. … Kintsugi reveals how to heal and shows you that you are better with your golden cracks,” Kumai says.

Traditional Kintsugi uses urushi lacquer and rice flour to bind the ceramics together with gold mica powder or liquid gold leaf.

They don’t try to hide the cracks, the imperfections. These are beautiful!

We live in a disposable culture. When something breaks the most common default option is to throw it out and buy another.

But what do we do with our own brokenness, our cracks and our weaknesses? The CRACKS in our relationships, our families, our community, our own dreams and the uncertainty, confusion and division poured onto us day in and day out?

Can we become more beautiful, more loveable, more hopeful?

Can we heal a broken heart, a broken life – because life IS messy?

Yes we can and we must. There is GOLD that lies within each of us. The GOLD of resilience, patience, kindness, generosity, humility, honesty, forgiveness, respect, discipline, hope can combine with the talents and the greatness inside each of us.

Michael Angelo was asked how he sculptured the statue of DAVID – he explained that he simply chipped away the pieces of the marble that were not needed and DAVID was within the piece of marble.

What lay within was the GOLD – THE DAVID.

What GOLD lies within you? What greatness were you born to display? What were you born to achieve? What were you born to give, to share, to influence others?

What legacy were you born to leave behind for others to find their own GOLD dust?

We all have flaws and life is about knowing what parts we need to improve, to remove or to add. We should be proud of our strengths, our weaknesses and our success in in the GOLD that shines through as a better version of ourselves.

Our flaws are what make us human. Our ability to reason and to choose allow us to shine, to influence, to serve, to help and act with Character and Virtue.

The GOLD that we can mine in ourselves are the good parts that should shine.

We were each born for a purpose, on a purpose and for a purpose.

We were born to mine, to find our strengths, our weaknesses, to give and to build families, communities, organisations – with Integrity, Honesty, Respect, Humility, Patience, Compassion.

These are the GOLD inside us that we need to develop and to live by.

We need to bring hope, responsibility, accountability, opportunity, discipline, joy, meaning and purpose to our life and the lives of others.

Yes! With all the brokenness, the confusion, the hopelessness, the division – the CRACKS of Character, Virtue and Love will SHINE through and improve the people around you.

MINE the GOLD inside YOU and be PROUD of the CRACKS  and POWER that resonates from them

Good Character + Good Language + Abundant Mindset + Good Associations and Environment

= Your GOLD DUST that SHINES and holds the CRACKS and PIECES of your HUMANITY together.