Can you produce more and life a better life style by more effectively use of your time?

(Answer Yes or No to the questions below

Is your calendar booked in reaction to other people’s needs and requests – instead of being fully booked BEFORE the day starts with ONLY your own most important priorities?  
Do you allow  many interruptions from team members, prospects, customers, friends and family to interrupt your work and focused concentration?  
Do you talk a lot, extending conversations into longer chit-chats when it is un necessary?  
Do you multitask?  
Do you like the adrenaline of being overly busy?  
Is living in chaos and constant motion more comfortable to you than stilling your mind and single-tasking?  
Do you find really difficult to say “No”?  
Do you often find yourself in a crunch to finish projects because you are in over your head?  
Do you spend hours needlessly on social media?  
Do you waste times doing repetitious, non-vital and inessential tasks?  
Do you maintain control of nearly everything because you believe you believe no one can do it as well?  
Do you believe that you cannot afford to hire someone to help you?  


1 TO 3 – You know what to do , you just need to implement it

4 & Over  – You are overwhelmed working too many hours and not producing enough for your efforts

I have been told so many times – “I don’t have time” “I can’t afford to relax” .

These tunnels that we go down in most parts of our lives are made by our own choices and they are usually illusions.

If your score is 4 or over and you wish to keep your Health, improve your business and not neglect your Family or your Spiritual well-being – then you must just PENCIL OUT a WEEKEND and sort out your priorities, find where most of your time is wasted and make the decisions you need to make – so that you are in charge of your TIME- day by day. I have to laugh when I see a TV add that says “the