The Tiger and the Donkey were having a heated discussion about the colour of grass.

The Tiger said the grass is green the Donkey said no the grass is blue

They argued back and forth, the discussion got nasty

Neither was winning – because neither could.

THE TWO decided to submit the situation to the highest judge in the land – The King of the Jungle – the LION

As they moved through the jungle – still arguing – they saw the lion sitting on a small hill – SURVEYING HIS Kingdom and if any danger was about.

And the Donkey began to ask “Is it true that the grass is BLUE?  

“Is this how you see it?”Yes “the Donkey” said

“Then it is true for you said the LION.

The Donkey relates that he is annoyed by this and asks for the Tiger to be punished.  

THE Tiger will be punished with 3 days of silence.

The Donkey jumped cheerfully and went on his way. ‘THE GRASS IS Blue; the grass is blue”

So many people are blinded by there opinions and imprinted belief and build a crisis of resentment, of regret, of confusion, of dissociation.

The Tiger turned to Lion and asked: “Master why have you punished me?”

Your punishment is for you wasting of our and intelligence on a useless idea.

 You should have ignored the question all together – you know grass is green

Intelligence and beliefs are not the same. It’s the strong moral compass that people build up over time and it is so strong it over-rides Intelligence most of the time.  

So how do we build this discernment and divide the trivial from what is worthwhile to share, discuss or help others? With QUITE AND STILLNESS

When there is a trivial question you have been confronted with – be alert and ask

“Is that what you believe?” – If so, then just remark; “Fascinating, Interesting” – and leave it at that.

There is no open-minded discussion to have in situations

Two of life’s valuable needs are learning to be STILL and SILENT.

How IMPORTANT are these?

Well, for Centuries, for millennia, people have sort the Art of SILENCE.

Pythagoras said:

“Let your quite mind listen and absorb”.

Blaise Paschall the 17th century Philosopher wrote:

“All of people’s misèries come from not being able to in a room alone”

And Franz Kafka wrote:

‘You may not leave your ROOM – just sit at the table – and listen. You need not even listen – simply wait. You may not even have to wait – just remain quite and still and solitary – and the world will offer itself and REVEAL its wisdom It has no choice. It will role in eustacy “

Two of life’s most difficult lesions to master are to be STILL and QUITE

  • Be wise enough to practice:  to be quiteand to be still
  • These are some of the most valuable lesions in our journey

Let me encourage by adding these gems:

  • Let other lead small lives – but not you
  • Let other gossip and talk badly about others – but not you
  • Let others complain and Blame, Deny or make Excuses – but not you

Seek the STILL and the QUITE – to build your Mind, your Character- so you can discern between the IMPORTANT and the TRIVIAL.

Remember we are the small percentage that do not talk about people (gossip) or things BUT mainly IDEAS.