There are some things we should simply never say

Some because they accomplish the exact opposite of what they are hoping to accomplish

Nobody never ever calmed Down after being told to calm down in the midst of a full scale disagreement for example.

Others words are better not said because they are rude or obnoxious and pour more fuel on the fire!

And finally, some things are just not about business or even have much real meaning,

Here are 10 things you should delete permanently from your vocabulary:

  1. Relax!
  2. Everything will be okay
  3. I told you so
  4. This should be easy
  5. Get over it!
  6. Are you really going to eat that?
  7. You are insane?
  8. Why are you still single?
  9. You look tired
  10. Calm down!

Maurice Switzer observed: “that it is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool rather Than to talk and remove all doubt of it”

Here are 7 examples of how less is more:

  1. Less TV means more time to Read
  2. Less comparison means more contentment
  3. Less stuff means more space – many people  multiply them as if they were prizes to be cherished
  4. Less talking means more listening
  5. Less commitments means just more time to be – by yourself or they you love very much
  6. Less complaining means more Gratitude
  7. Less clutter means more clarity

Less is more means different things to different people  Find out what it means to YOU – TRY IT – and take note of HOW it changes your life. It may seem a waste of of time – but you obtain a clearer focus and are able to relax and calm your mind and body and focus on 2 or 3 really important arears in your life (which are important in your life right now.


Its s good to weigh our lives from time to time – it ensures we are not wasting our one short time of our LIFE.

BUT there are so many ways to measure a Life – Success, Family, Relationships, Money, career, status, stuff, popularity, adventure, happiness, health, education, integrity,

What measuring stick do you use to access your life?

Here is a perspective I had never considered  

A Polish Holocaust survivor told Warren Buffett

“Warren I am very slow to make friends  because when I  look at people, I ask myself is ‘Would they hide me?’

There is no perfect way to measure our lives – but these two questions are worth considering?  

  1. If you are in trouble, being hunted unjustly, how many people do you know would risk their lives to hide you?
  2. How many people would you be willing to hide?

Perhaps these are too confronting or unlikely – however it important that while making decisions about our LIFE and especially when we have decided that changes ARE critical to our well-being and happiness – we need to be very stick we use to help decide WHAT we keep and WHO we keep. So very intense questions may need to be asked of us – so as to obtain WHAT we need and WHAT questions we require to jerk us into action.

So, some very stick rules need to be formulated to achieve to our mission.;

So perhaps the last 2 questions will help in forming a list to be go by with all the other aspects of our decluttering