We are each born with instincts – AND as we travel through life we develop habits, behaviours and beliefs – through our associations, our families and the environments we live in.

During our very early years we develop certain Core Beliefs.

Core Beliefs impact the ways we think, feel, and behave. They influence everything we do and the decisions we make.

They sound terrible and include – ego, envy, laziness, deceit, perfection, selfishness, greed, anxiety.

Our Core Beliefs are like a little motor inside our body. Let us call it Hairy Harry. It represents your subconscious mind. It is “your personal magic genie, your obedient servant.”

Your Hairy Harry:

  1. Has a perfect memory – remembers everything you see, hear, say, and do
  2. It Works 24/7
  3. It controls all your body functions – if it stops – you are dead
  4. It sees everything crystal clear
  5. It is programmed to ensure your survival
  6. Hairy Harry responds automatically to what has been learnt from repetition and/or emotional impact.
  7.  It is 100% gullible and accepts as fact whatever is recorded in your mind
  8. It works on whatever you believe
  9. It takes on no new initiatives; however, it can be programmed and reprogrammed with new habits.
  10. HH is 100% goal-striving by nature, and the goals are based on your dominant thoughts
  11. Your HH always performs within the limits you set. It depends upon how big or small you think.
  12. HH is your totally obedient servant. It will follow exactly what you program it to do.

So, you are responsible for your choices, for you are totally free to choose the life you wish to lead and the success you wish to enjoy and the way you program your little magic gene.

To continually seek Excellence, to become the best of which you are capable and to live the Purpose for which you are born to live, you will need to continually reprogram your HH and over-ride your Core Beliefs for Abundance.

Design our own Good Life before someone else designs it for you.  

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