December is the month most of the talk is about – family, rest, presents, contacting life long friends, food and many other forms of celebration.

Many millions of people continue to acknowledge that the reason we have these holidays is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Whatever your own beliefs – Christmas is a time to fill the Spiritual Element of our lives with Joyfulness. We do this by bringing joy, care, generosity, giving, helping, serving, sharing – into our lives.

Joyfulness is an act of the will; a conscious effort to create an atmosphere deliberately and selflessly to benefit the lives of others.

Joyfulness challenges the mind set and asks you to make the journey easier for others – and for yourself.

We need Joyfulness because there is darkness and danger in the world. There is a lot to be miserable about. Modern living can stress you beyond your limits – especially in this COVID year. Stress can arouse emotions like anxiety, hopelessness, irritability and hostility. Any of these can produce physical symptoms such as headaches, illness, insomnia, chest pain and affect your breathing. Others could be poor concentration, forgetfulness, obsession and excessive worry.

These can result in substance abuse, gambling, overspending, violence, binge eating and drinking and relationship breakdown.

An overload of stress is here to stay. Information overload, work demands, study strain, peer pressure and family challenges are Western society illnesses.

Joyfulness is an answer. But it is difficult to be Joyful in the midst of pain, uncertainty and turmoil. That is why it requires an ACT of the WILL.

You have a choice: You can respond to the crummy things in the world and the challenges in your life with a perpetual cycle of misery, sickness, fear and doubt. Or you can choose to be Joyful. It could take some time to rewire your habits – but the result would be so much better for you and those around you. Imagine the positive influence happy people have on those around them!

A Joyful Workplace has:

  1. Cheerful conversations – no whining and no gossip
  2. Praise for others and not finding fault
  3. Lots of sincere compliments
  4. Forgiveness and allows people to make good on their mistakes
  5. Everyone working as a team and helping each other
  6. Good, clean language – no smut or foul talk
  7. Smiling faces – no time for moods or complaints

Immunise your Home against Misery:

  1. Immunise your Language
  2. Immunise your Feelings
  3. Immunise your Thoughts

All of these three are the result of what we read, hear, see and do. Our little subconscious motor (I call it Hairy Harry) takes in everything around us all the time. And it becomes used to the Language we use and hear, the Feelings we express or that others express and the Thoughts we have – which come from what we watch, the people we spend time with, the information we listen to.

Joyfulness is acting with Character. Joyfulness lifts us:

  • From Anger to Calm
  • From Anxiety to Peace,
  • From Misery to Gratitude
  • From Dishonesty to Honesty
  • From Hate to Compassion.

In short a more Healthy, Peaceful and Achieving Life.  

You are the author of your life – choose to make a place for Joyfulness.

Mario Calanna – author Design a Good Life

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