Three things converged this week that led me to write this blog on our thoughts and our mind.

An episode of Darren Daily (upon which this blog is based), reading through the audio book of Energy Anatomy by Caroline Myss and speaking to a young Pharmacy student who is doing what this blog suggests.

Remember the novel by George Orwell 1984 – written in 1949. Predicting a dystopian future by 1984.

Where most of the world’s population had become victims of perpetual war, surveillance and propaganda.

The party employs thought police who prey of independent thinking and individuality. The Party’s leader is Big Brother who has a covert personality and does not exist as one person.

Have we just described – today?

Big Brother does potentially have control over our lives and we are mostly unaware of it.

Who is this force that prevails and permeates our life – it is Media of all kinds principally because it is either directly linked to Big Brother or freely and repeatedly passes on the same thoughts and ideas and opinions – 24/7.

The fight for your mind and your attention has never been bloodier. Once upon a time there were only a few radio stations, TV channels, Magazines and Newspapers – today there are 1000s. And all much more easily accessible.

They know how to provide Dopamine kicks that keep us addicted. They pick at the very nature of your existence through your thoughts and mind. Stories that grab at your throat and threaten your very existence.

It is not necessarily evil – it is good for business – their business.

The creation process begins with – “we get in life what we create”.

  • What then drives our creative process?
  • What we expect to happen is what our creative process goes to work on.
  • What expectation we have leads to what our thoughts and minds create.

Your thoughts are driving your expectations down the line.


  • What is controlling your thoughts?
  • What are you thinking about?
  • What is influencing and driving your thoughts?

The answer is simple – whatever you are putting in front of your eyes, putting into your ears and the people you spend most time with. Because they are also influenced by the same things you are.

What is in front of you or around you are driving your thoughts, expectations, forming opinions, and using your limited valuable time.

The creative process is forming thoughts and actions that ultimately control your life.

Negative in – negative out. Positive in – positive out – it’s simple. It is a choice.

Whatever or whoever controls your attention – controls your life

You need to break free of the negative and the Scarcity mindset. There is an urgent need to cut the cords from those who are manipulating your thoughts in a negative way and free yourself.

You have the power to change in an instant by:

  • Turning off the garbage that is attracting your attention in a negative way.
  • Turning off the things that you have no control over – wars, crimes, poverty, politicians, the economy.
  • Canceling subscriptions and turn off TV, radio, social media – that are influencing your life in the Negative or just simply taking up your limited time.
  • Removing as many distractions as possible that negatively affect your Creation Machine – YOUR MIND.

How do you do this? Decide what you can control. Decide what you cannot control.

  • You cannot control the national economy – however you can control yours.
  • You cannot control Canberra – what you can control is the policies that affect you and do what you can.
  • What you cannot control in the Health System – however you can control to a large extent your health and your ability to access medical services when needed.
  • What you cannot control is how the PM or Premiers are controlling the country or the States – what you can control is your own household, your business and your life.
  • What you cannot control are wars, scandals and corruptions happening in other people’s lives – what you can control is the character and the peace and the love in your own home.

Stop paying attention to what you cannot control or it will take over your life and your destiny.

It is time to take control of your mind so you can take back your life.

Stop letting others control your thoughts, your attitude and the potential you were born with – the purpose you were meant to live.

Focus on what is possible for you and place less attention to what is going on in the world – that you cannot control or influence.

Influence your own mind, your own thoughts

While 1000s of sensational, negative stories that are sent around the world minute by minute and focusing on small and minute moments in time – millions of wonderful things are happening all around that are not reported on or even given a second thought.

Get away from puppet masters. Cut the cord and tune into the wonders of this world and its people, its abundance, its splendour, its wonder and the moments of love and gratitude you experience.

Find the unlimited potential that surrounds – in ideas, resources, people, places, opportunities, information – that can help you contribute to making a positive difference in your life, your family and the community you live in or connect with.

The world will change if more and more of us decide to take back control of our lives and Design and Good Life for ourselves and our loved ones.

Remember the SERENITY PRAYER – its profound WISDOM will live for eternity.

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