Who is the Best Mentor for You?

He or she doesn’t have big followings or regularly interviewed on TV or Radio, or have 100,000 followers on Twitter, or is in the papers on a regular basis or well known worldwide.

In fact, their CV has not even yet been written. No one has actually seen him or her or worked with this person.

So, who is all knowing and insightful mentor? It is YOU?

Or more accurately the future YOU in TEN years’ time!!!!!

The present YOU is still perplexed about today, how to achieve goals, who I really am, what is my Purpose, what can I do best to Design my own Good Life?

The YOU 10 ten years from now – knows exactly where he/she wants to be and how life will look like.

Knows exactly what you should do today, this week, this month, this year – to make this happen

Hindsight is great and here is what you do to get in touch with the future YOU

  1. Take your age right now and add 10 years
  2. In TEN years, you are all knowing about who you are right now
  3. You have tremendous perspective on what you are grappling with right now
  4. You know how to handle all your present frustrations, indecisions, challenges, successes, achievements,
  5. You know what is important and what is not important
  6. Your insight is so profound and so wise
  7. If you look at this 10-year older self – you just wait to meet him or her.


  1. Stop taking yourself so seriously – laugh more from your belly and make sure it hurts when you laugh as you gasp for air and your stomach muscles hurt.
  2. Take a pause – connect with nature, the outside world and silence
  3. Smile at people and say hello to everyone
  4. Listen more to those who are speaking to you or asking for some help
  5. Don’t try to fix everything – hear it, listen and provide advice on HOW
  6. Change and control is not always the goal – Connection is!!
  7. Fear nothing or very little, worry less and HOPE more
  8. Be more audacious, more fearless, try more new things – adventure does not have to have a purpose
  9. Keep breaking the rules you don’t like
  10. There are no set rules for this Game of Life


  1. When people show you who they are – believe them. People will always let you down at times – but don’t let yourself become judgmental or down and resentful – continue to Trust
  2. Love every one when they are with you – then set them free. They have played their part and the show must go on
  3. Keep a focus on your FAB 5 – trust the 5 who will stick with you no matter what
  4. Be more aware of your environment – it takes energy or gives you energy
  5. Be more aware to balance the 7 elements of Life – Family, Faith, Fun, Finance, Leadership, Emotional and Physical Health.
  6. Say NO more than YES and don’t feel guilty about it
  7. Our YES’s will become our Legacy – for this is where we spent our time.
  8. Say “I love you” to all those you love as often as you are able
  9. No gossip, no belittling others. No revenge,
  10. Make the best use of your time – you know where you are wasting it.
  11. Trust your GUT

To Your Future Self?

  1. In 10 years, we will be face to face – will I be who you believe I should be?
  2. My aim is to live up to this person and be that person in 10 years.
  3. I need to stay vigilant, stay focused, believe, work hard on the little things

ACTION: Talk to your 10-year older self, what are the bits of advice your 10-year older self would give you today?

You cannot do this journey of improvement on your own. You will still need other mentors to help YOUR MENTOR to grow in wisdom, form new habits and keep an abundant mindset.

BUT the battle is fought TODAY, from day to day.


  1. You fight resistance all the time – action overcomes this
  2. I don’t feel like doing this is replaced by doing the action, the task.
  3. Prepare your clothes the night before.
  4. Prepare your meals on a Sunday for the week ahead.
  5. Open up the files at night that – you are going to use in the morning
  6. Have your gym clothes near and close so you just step into them in the morning
  7. Prepare your breakfast at night – so less time is taken in the morning and there is no excuse for skipping it.
  8. Have your vitamins ready to take.
  9. I am too much in a hurry to make the bed, to brush my teeth properly, or wash the dishes, or iron my clothes for tomorrow. NO! YOU ARE NOT – DO THEM.
  10. Do not allow yourself to suffer the consequences of these emotional door stops like:
    1. Getting into an unmade bed that night, or waking up to sink full of dishes in the morning, or not having enough time to have a good breakfast,
    2. These little hygiene tasks build up over time and unbalance your life emotionally, mentally and energetically and laziness creeps in. RESISTENCE WINS – your FUTURE self LOSES!!
  11. If you over RESISTENCE – you are giving a present to yourself – it is helping him become the HERO you expect to meet in 10 years’ time
  12. Give your future self as many little gifts as possible – creating new habits for your future
  13. Attack the biggest projects first, do what you like least – first,
  14. Do you eat the food you don’t like first – so you can enjoy the rest of what you like after?


  1. Be a HERO to your future self and be grateful to your present self
  2. Being prepared beforehand, reduces stress, and honours your future self by being organized and tidy the next day.
  3. Doesn’t it feel good when things are organized, tidy and you have a clear direction for you to follow by using time better and reducing the obstacles that ae always present?
  4. The mess you left today has to be cleaned up tomorrow – so clear the mess first.
  5. All noble gifts today are gifts to your future self.

YOUR MISSION – Know What you expect from your FUTURE HERO and work diligently day by day to ensure you meet this WONDERFUL PERSON in TEN YEAR’S time.