There are, many attributes that we need to improve to become the best version of ourselves and to overcome the many challenges LIFE springs upon us.

The one I believe holds us back – prevents us from seeing our GREATNESS the most – is a lack of Self CONFIDENCE

The main reason why I wanted to include it as one the 5 CORE BELIEFS of Calanna Whole Health Pharmacies – was because a lack of confidence restricts us in so many situations – to not follow through on serving or helping someone. To not add more information when we discuss a topic or share a possible solution.

It is so easy to just let an opportunity slide. An opportunity to connect, to empower, to improve our life and the lives of others.

It is our duty to do the best we can for ourselves and others. Laziness and procrastination play a big part in all our lives. We all have this curse. Unless we overcome them – our life becomes simply ordinary or mediocre.

CONFIDENCE allows us to display our GREATNESS.

This week Darren Hardy gave a great podcast on CONFIDENCE. I think this story is terrific.

A business owner was at his wits end. He owed money to suppliers, he couldn’t get all the money owed to him, he was being refused supply – basically was in a MESS.

He went for a walk and decided to sit on a bench in a park. As he sat there contemplating what he could do? What were his options? Who could help? Where could he get some ideas? An old man hobbled up and sat on the same bench.

They exchanged formalities and then the old man said “Something is troubling you son – what is it?”

The business person explained his predicament and that he needed money or access to money to save his business. So that he could pay his debts, resume supply of inventory and continue his business and avoid bankruptcy.

The old man pulled out a cheque book, wrote out a cheque and handed it to the businessman and said: “Take this and meet me back here in 12 months. You can repay me then.”

After the old man left, the businessman looked at the cheque – $500,000 and signed by J.D. Rockefeller.

Grateful! Excited! Surprised! He placed the cheque in his safe and proceeded to work on ways of saving his business – now knowing he had $500,000 to fall back on – should the situation continue to worsen.

He worked on a plan, made some calls, negotiated some deals, and gradually the business improved and began to grow and be on a sound financial footing.

With renewed optimism and vigour, he continued to pursue a path to prosperity.

Within a few months he was out of the red and making money once again.

Twelve months after receiving the cheque, he went back to the park bench and waited for the old man to come. Holding the still uncashed cheque signed by J.D. Rockefeller – in his hand.

He waited for some time and eventually the old man appeared and sat on the bench. Unmindful of the business man who had come to see him. The businessman was almost ready to hand over the uncashed cheque with gratitude and thanks when a nurse came looking for the old man.

“I am sorry” she said “I hope he hasn’t been bothering you. He is always escaping from the nursing home and talking to people telling them he is J.D. Rockefeller. Does this all the time.”

The business man sat there stunned, surprised, open mouthed at this occurrence. All year long he had worked diligently, purposefully, energetically and passionately – knowing he had $500,000 to fall back on.

It was then the businessman realised that it was his own initiative, his own ability, his own belief, his own CONFDENCE that gave him the power to ensure the business again flourished.

The safety net – the $500,000 – was a crutch, an insurance policy should he fail in his quest to rebuild and save the business. Confidence with an Insurance – that he did not need.

His transformation had come from ONE FORCE – CONFIDENCE.

“Confidence is nothing but the distant vision held positively no matter what comes”

It is entirely internal and derives from commitment and resilience.

Confidence is full trust: belief in the powers, the trustworthiness, or reliability of  a person or thing (meaning yourself).

You are as capable as you believe yourself to be.

“The Me I see – is the Me I will be” R.H. Schuller

CONFIDENCE is essential is being a successful, loved and trusted leader.

Churchill instilled CONFIDENCE with this:

“You ask what is the aim – VICTORY

VICTORY at all costs

VICTORY in spite of all terror

VCTORY however long and hard the road may be

For without VICTORY there is no survival”