The world is made up of over 7 billion and how we interact, make choices and live our lives – affects everyone else on the planet.

It is our own personal decision to become involved in division, vitriol, gossip, blame, deny, judge and become wrapped up in the narrative of FEAR form so many supposed crises.

The Narrative of Fear – around COVID, Climate Change and so on – is messing with our heads and most of us are NOT using Critical Thinking by asking questions and applying basic logic to possible solutions. So, we endanger our future Physical, Emotional, Mental and Financial Health in the process.

We can live better lives if we give what we want. And most of us want friends, respect, good job, good social life, a safe life and the freedom to discover, to make memories and to test our skills and talents and a happy, full and loving family life.

So be a better friend, be more respectful, spend more time with family and friends,

The focus should be on HUMAN FLOURISHING – not human fear and control.

Are you Flourishing? Is your community flourishing? Are families flourishing? Is our Nation Flourishing?

How can each of us Flourish? Well ACTING with Gratitude, comes to mind.

I think we need to embrace the reality that it is our humanness that underlines how we interact with the physical environment of our WORLD.

Humans control how we use technology, food, clothes, travel, living options, communication, roads, air, train, medical inventions, medical treatments and so on.

Do we use them for good or for profit or for control or to destroy?

We need to best of humanity right now – and GRATITUDE WILL bring out the best in most of us.

GRAITUTDE fills our own souls with JOY AND HOPE because we have brought some of each to others:

After 2 years and counting of COVID – I never felt any leader gave anyone any HOPE. It was Fear and a sense of hopelessness and uncertainty that became the daily Narrative.

It was about keeping us safe – rather than keeping us healthy.

So, to create a more achieving, harmonious world – we must build our own heath and resilience by the CHOICES we make and the lives we each lead – day to day.

Without HOPE there is suicide, addiction, depression and violence.

GRATITUDE is the simple noble virtue of acknowledging the small and big things in your life. The people you meet and smile at or talk to. The people you work with or study with.

Each person has a messy life – has challenges – so hearing ‘thank you’ or ‘please’ or ‘great work’ or can I help you’ – are all forms of actions that fill the spirit.

Taking a few minutes each night to recap your day and run through what you can remember about it:

  1. What did you achieve?
  2. Who did you meet?
  3. Who did you work with or play with or laugh with?
  4. What food did you eat?
  5. How many hugs or smiles did you give and get?
  6. Did you feel the wind and sun?
  7. Did you exercise?
  8. Are you feeling well?

We take so much for granted – especially when things are going well. However, it is when challenges arrive – that we are truly tested:

  1. Did I get angry at another driver?
  2. Did I ignore the disabled person who needed help?
  3. Did I underperform at work, at sport – because I didn’t try hard enough?
  4. Am I spending enough time with my family?
  5. Am I allowing technology to invade my personal down time?

All these eventually – via the Compound Effect – will ruin your life.

GRATITUDE is being thankful for the little things fills your own heart with JOY and HOPE. And it fills the lives of others as well.

So, make a list of some simple actions you can take to show GRATITUDE in yourself and emit it to others.

  1. Visit a sick friend
  2. Call a friend
  3. Make up with someone you have a grudge with
  4. Smile more
  5. Look at the random acts of kindness you can do for others.

When you see how happy, achieving and grateful Kurt Fearnley and  Dylan Alcott are about their life it has to drive you to be GRATEFUL for what you have and what you need to share with others.

These are two amazing humans – they are grateful and they are blessed. They have attracted success, family, influence because they gave what they needed – GRATITUDE.

Whatever you want – you must GIVE ITTO OTHERS FIRST. It will come back to you – multiple times.

GRATITUDE – the life blood of a GOOD LIFE