Stop the Self Delusion  

You are reading this because you are curious or you wish to find a little nugget of gold that may help improve your day to day efficiency and achievement.

There is a great propaganda that has been promoted over the past 4 or 5 decades by the Positive Mental Attitude movement which gave birth to what is called the modern self-help industry today. Which has bloomed into a full on plague and expanded all day every day on social media.

It is the fairy tale that if you just think happy and think positive – positive and happy things will happen to you. That is not basically true. And can be dangerous if that is all you do.

If you are unhappy with your current results – it precisely because you have been lying to yourself. You have been telling yourself a fairy tale. You have turned your head from the truth and looked the other way. You have purposely avoided telling yourself the truth about your reality.

If you really want to improve and make the changes needed is with the truth:

  1. If you are fat – then acknowledge you are FAT
  2. If you are broke – then just say it “I’m broke” – your not financially challenged – You are Broke!
  3. If you are a crappy husband, father, employee, leader – then say so and acknowledge it.

However just by making positive affirmations and thinking positive results – won’t change these at all. Most importantly It probably will stunt you psychologically and could have the reverse effect.

It could make you socially and internally hostile, envious, resentful, anxious, moody and prevent defining and developing the skills required to interact and improve your mindset.

You could become extra sensitive to criticism and keep people at a distance – making the situation even worse and fearful of getting negative feedback which is CONTRA TP THE POSITIVE MANTRA that has been planned.

It is more difficult to hide our flaws from ourselves than it is from others others.

For we do know what we would like to achieve and who we wish to be.

And it simply prevents you from changing your present situation.

We tend to choose easy tasks, avoid the more difficult ones as well as paying a blind eye to feedback that could help improvement.

By avoiding the Truth – you become a danger not only to yourself – but to society. Because you are effecetivly peddling the victim, poor me, expectation lifestyle.

This is not becoming the best version of yourself.

And consequently you are piling on more negative victimhood energy and example onto your family, your friends, your workplace and your society.

So what do you do with this? Start with the TRUTH:

  1. If you are FAT/sick/tired/depressed – then acknowledge it – repeat it and write it on your mirror “I am FAT/sick/tired/depressed’ “take a naked photo of yourself and hang on the fridge
  2. If you are broke – print out your bank statement and pin that up on your mirror and look at it every day.
  3. If you are not the husband, the employee, the employer – you need to be – write that down and pin it to the dash board of your car. “I am failing as …….., ….., …… Let the constant reminder poke you into action.

Doing the work to make the changes needed AND having your WHY – is the best way to improve.

By saying everything is okay will not improve your life or that of others. You can tell yourself you are GREAT – but you are not at this point in time – nor will you be in the future -because the Compound Effect will take you to anywhere you are happy for it to take you.

Taking truth and a planned consistent action will take on a path of feeling better and being better. 

Growth and improvement is a product of ACTION not AFFIRMATION ALONE.

Affirmation leads to delusion. ACTION sets you free.

It is no good looking at your biceps and telling them they are getting stronger and bigger every day – just by looking at and taking to them.

You need to work them. To be take them to the gym and use weights and effort to achieve this – ACTION and WORK are needed.

We can choose to be Optimistic and seek Opportunities to improve as well as to be Accountable to ourselves for the choices we have made and the situation were are in and accept the Responsibility that comes with that.

You essentially become your own HERO

Or you can Blame others, make excuses and even deny your situation and the choices that have lead you to HERE.

You will become a VICTIM and not amount of Positive Mantra will change your mindset

You have to be TRUE to yourself, recognise your situation and take ACTION to change your direction.

Very difficult to LIE to the person in the MIRROR and not build up negative and victim thoughts.

Find the HERO inside – I am sure you will like this person