So what’s the frame through which you see your life?

A Frame is really making a picture. In reality a photographer is someone who is really good at putting a box, a frame, around things and highlighting the aspects he or she chooses.

Videos, paintings, still photos – are all about putting the frame around the things you wish to speak to the viewer.

When you see things through the right frame – it expands the meaning of things, it helps the viewer to understand the scene better

Helps you to see the little things in relation to the bigger parts. Helps to focus on how all these aspects come together to form the picture and the story it tells.  

As we relate it to our own lives and the Elements that make it up – what is your frame? What is the basis, the values, the beliefs – that you FRAME or base your life around? Is it FUN, Finance, Faith, Family, Leadership, Emotional or Physical Health?

What do you look through in your life? What Frames your mindset your priorities your decisions?

 Is it your Faith/Spiritual/Soul / meditation? Is that part that brings you to life when filled with good things – kindness, prayer, generosity, honesty, integrity, values you live by, virtues you display, patience, tolerance, empathy?

Is your life Framed by opportunity, responsibility, accountability and the desire to serve and be better?

Or is your Frame defined by events in your life, or by tragedy, or by challenges, or by poor health. These are only pages in a bigger story.   

For Christians the FRAME of life should be the message of Jesus Christ. Other religions have their own example. For others it could be time for peace and rest and silence and re-energising. Another form of a God Channel

Whatever your Spiritual element is – make this your frame. your base for your life.

It feeds the Soul. The Soul cannot be filled or at peace or be content- if you fill it with stuff, things, activity, addictions, money, position, ego.

These all play a part in our life – however it is not healthy to make them the FRAME for your life.

Life is a bit like a jig saw puzzle. You need to get the pieces right. Trying to make a jigsaw puzzle with one important piece missing is incredibly frustrating.

Millions of people – day after day – try to make sense of their life – ignoring one important piece.

This important piece is the SOUL – your Spiritually – the Frame of a Good Life.

You are human being – a delicate composition of Body and Soul – mysteriously linked by the Will and the Intellect.

Most important piece is the SOUL. It is your Life Force.

We are obsessed with Body, Will and Intellect.

We pay attention to our body, vigorously defend our right to walk the path we choose, and celebrate our individual and collective intellectual accomplishments – at the expense of our Soul, our Frame, our Spiritual Element.  

It is easy to ignore the Soul – as the body is continually barking orders at us – feed me, I am in pain, I need clothes, he annoyed me, I am tired, I am thirsty.

On the other hand the Soul is Quite and Faithful – it doesn’t make a big noise. When the SOUL, the FRAME is hungry the stomach doesn’t growl – but it needs to be fed daily.

We are Spiritual beings having a physical experience in this world. Feeding the Soul, defining your FRAME is the missing piece of the puzzle.

There is no better time to fed your soul – to discover your Spiritual needs.

The Soul integrates and harmonises every aspect of our humanity. It orients us to what really matters most.

One example of feeding your Soul is to:


The Joy is in the journey – not the destination.  There is no destination really. The present is real – right here – right now.  In the NOW.

Winners value the process – the day to day journey. Losers overvalue the destination – the reward – and undervalue the process – the work.

Life is one epic journey – day by day – moment by moment. In reality your arrival is DEATH.

If you are not enjoying the journey to that end – you are missing the whole point of the trip.

The resistance to the work, the feelings of stress, the burdens, the hardships – are natural feelings/thoughts as a human being.

So choose to LOVE the WORK. Find and bring as much JOY to all that you do – in the problem solving, the fascination in the daily functions, find the  intrigue in every improvement you make, get a thrill in trying to make it better.

You can bring fun and joy even to the most mundane – this fills the SOUL.

You don’t have to LOVE WORK – you can choose to BRING LOVE to your WORK.

This mindset feeds your FRAME, your SOUL. It develops character, shows LOVE, it encourages SERVICE to others.

It fills you with Gratitude for the work, the people and Life.

FRAME your life on what feeds the SOUL, the SPIRITUAL, the LOVE you feel and show others.