The one thing most lacking in our nation, in our communities, in our homes is LEADERSHIP.

Specifically – Servant Leadership is the ideal. John Wooden described it this way:

Who shall be first among you, shall be your servant, who puts focus on followers and makes their dreams come true, who does not say get going – and says let’s go and leads the way, who glorifies team spirit and duplicates this in others, who helps others grow big because the bigger and better the team the better they all are, who has faith in people, who believes in them, and trusts them, who has a sense of humour, who is interested in finding the best way, who looks for lofty goals and extends the skills and talents and legacy of all the team

Irrespective of technology, ZOOM, working from home, shopping online, electronic banking – and so on – people need to build relationships with other humans. People look for and need “A Leader”.

Unfortunately so many people in leadership positions do not understand what is expected of them or have the Emotional Intelligence to deliver what is expected of them.

The reality is that in your business or corporation you have 5 different generations making up your team/s. So the one common link with all of them is LEADERSHIP.

Some interesting facts about Leadership:

  1. Leaders lead by example – someone is always watching the leader to see how they talk, interact with team members, how they dress, are they punctual, are they confident, do they know where the business is headed and more.
  2. A Leader is always on stage and people mimic the leader
  3. We all learn from seeing others, watching how things are done, taking in the signals given out by the leader
  4. Leaders need to take an interest in others – ask questions about them and understand them.
  5. Leaders are prepared to ‘get down and dirty’ when the occasion requires. A leader be seen to be prepared to get into the trenches with team members – at appropriate times.
  6. Leaders need to understand that BEHAVIOUR never lies – so ACTIONS will ultimately be the INSTRUCTION.
  7. Leaders should have the ability to get extraordinary achievement out of ordinary people. Remember there is Greatness in the Ordinary of life.
  8. The Culture of a business/home/corporation – reflects the Leader.

“I no longer listen to what people say – I just watch what they do” …Winston Churchill

Let us have a brief look at what defines (in general) each of the 5 Generations.

A Servant Leader needs to know the questions to ask of each Generation so as to understand how they can all work together toward the same vision


Mantra“Be grateful you have a Job”
TechnologyRadio, V8 engines, air travel
Culture ValuesRule compliance Respect for authority disciplined
CommunicationLand line, one on one, memo, letter
MotivationRespect – valued, needed,  take their advice seriously
StrengthsDedicated, Loyal, good attitude, patient

BABY BOOMERS – BORN 1945 – 1964

Mantra“I deserve better”
TechnologyTV, audio cassettes, radio, microwave
Culture ValuesAmbitious, competitive, growth minded, optimistic
CommunicationLandline, mobile, texting, call anytime
MotivationNice office, bonuses, things that show status and success
StrengthsDriven, efficient, loyal, democratic, Visionaries, responsible

GENERATION X – BORN 1965 – 1980

Mantra“Keep it real”
TechnologyVCR, Walkman, PC
Culture ValuesAnti-establishment, self-reliant, self-starters,
CommunicationEmil, text, calls only at work
MotivationFreedom to work on own terms, recognition, authentic
StrengthsIndependent, fast paced, results driven, eager to learn

GENERATION Y – BORN 1981 – 1994

Mantra“Life is a Buffet”
TechnologyInternet, email, SMS, DVD, Xbox, iPod
Culture ValuesOpen minded, confident, community conscious, entitled
CommunicationSocial channels, text with emojis, less reliant on emails
MotivationMeaningful work, serving people, desire change, feedback
StrengthsAmbitious, tenacious, goal orientated, tolerant, collaborative


Mantra“I’m coping and hoping”
TechnologyMacBook, iPad, Google, FB, You Tube, Wii
Culture ValuesOptimistic, self-assured, money motivated, image conscious
CommunicationOn a screen, instant, with pictures
MotivationLet them do it on a screen and their way
StrengthsInclusive, curious, self-motivated, resourceful, creative

Good Servant Leadership is critical to culture, to home/business/community environment and to efficiency and the outcomes required to build a great society.

Seen any lately? Bet you need to give it some thought!

Servant Leadership = Leadership + Service.

SERVICE requires the display of Character and Virtue – in particular:


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