Every year has its challenges. This year has definitely been no exception. Again we have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. I am sure each of us has fallen into all these categories at some stage.

However we have choices – and we do not have to remain in the bad and the ugly for any length of time.

There is always adversity and challenges and when these come our way – they help define who we really are.

It is human to be drawn to the gossip, the mistakes people make, the dramas in others people’s lives. But, ultimately, as I said late week – we have to answer to the Person looking back at us in the Mirror.

It is our life and we are the “Author” of it. We can choose to Design our own life.

One may part of Designing a Good Life is to think about Legacy – the legacy you wish to leave as you move from place to place; from position to position; from life to death.

So let us share what Jim Rohn considered to be the principles that we must commit to if we are to leave the legacy we desire:

Life is best lived in service to others.

This doesn’t mean that we do not strive for the best for ourselves.

It does mean that in all things we serve other people, including our family, co-workers and friends.

Consider others’ interests as important as your own.

Much of the world suffers simply because people consider only their own interests.

People are looking out for themselves. But the way to leave a good legacy is to also look out for others.

Love your neighbor even if you don’t like the person.

It is interesting that Jesus told us to love others. But He never told us to like them.

Liking people has to do with emotions. Loving people has to do with actions.

You could find that when you love them and do good by them, you may even begin to like them.

Maintain integrity at all costs.

There are very few things you take to the grave with you. The main one is your reputation.

When people remember you, you want them to think, “He/she was the most honest person I knew. What integrity.”

There are always going to be temptations to cut corners and break your integrity.

Do not do it. Do what is right, no matter what the cost.

You must risk in order to gain.

In just about every area of life you must risk in order to gain the reward. In love, you must risk rejection in order to ask that person out for the first time. In investing, you must place your capital at risk in the market in order to receive the prize of a growing bank account. When we risk, we gain. We become more.

You reap what you sow.

You plant a seed you may obtain a large harvest. If you give love, you will likely receive love. If you give time, you will gain time. It is one of the truest laws of the universe.

Decide what you want out of life and then begin to sow it and believe it.

Hard work is never a waste.

Hard work will leave a grand legacy. Give it your all on your trip around the earth.

You will do a lot of good and leave a wonderful legacy.

Don’t give up when you fail.

Imagine what legacies would have never existed if many had given up. Everyone fails. It is a fact of life. But those who succeed are those who learn from their failures. They keep going and build a successful life—and a legacy.

Don’t ever stop in your pursuit of a legacy.

Many people have accomplished tremendous things at different stages of life. There is never a time to stop in your pursuit of a legacy. Use your time to do more and achieve more, to help more and serve more, to teach more and to learn more.

Keep going and growing that legacy!

Consider these core principles to live by if you want to become the kind of person who leaves a lasting legacy.

Zig Zigler:

“You can get whatever you want if you help others get what they want.”

“Who you become is much more important that what you have or want”

Jim Rohn

 “You don’t attract what you want, you attract who you become”

                                “All of us need each of us and each of us need all of us”

“The major reason for setting a goal is for what it makes of you to accomplish it”

“What it makes of you will always be of far greater value than what you get”

“There’s no telling what you can do when you get inspired by goals and dreams”

“There’s no telling what you can do when you believe in them”

“And there’s no telling what will happen when you act upon them”

Earl Nightingale

“Of all pursuits, the quest to live your potential will take you higher than any other”

Design your own Good Life – before someone else designs it for you ………….Mario Calanna

Design a Good Life – by Mario Calanna