Met a guy last year who was so full of enthusiasm I thought to myself this is the most enthusiastic  65-year-old I have ever seen.  Turns out he was 87.

Enthusiasm keeps us young Enthusiasm is the fountain of youth

Surround yourselves with people, experiences, books, videos, that fill you with enthusiasm

Avoid people, experiences, books, videos that steal your enthusiasm

If your enthusiasm was a valuable material possession – you wouldn’t just you let someone walk into your home and steal it? Would you?

So why let someone on TV, on social media, the papers – steal it?

Why willingly agree to go to an event if you know it will steal your enthusiasm for life?

Wake up each morning and do something that ignites the flames of your enthusiasm

Then guard the flame of enthusiasm throughout the day.

Enthusiasm is the secret to staying young and vibrant

When was the last time you felt amazing?

Trauma sickness, anxiety, depression, loss – So many things rob us of our enthusiasm for life

And after difficult seasons in our life, it is natural to wonder if we will feel this amazing again.

Her are 5 things you can to infuse your enthusiasm into your daily life

  1. Prioritize your legitime needs. Diet, exercise, prayer, meditation, sleep all increase your capacity for enthusiasm – take a walk today, make healthy meals, get to sleep early
  2. Schedule 15 minutes every day to do something you love
  3. Say NO to people, activities, and things that drain your energy and enthusiasm. Develop an awareness of who and what drains your enthusiasm. Protect your enthusiasm by saying NO
    1. Spend time with enthusiastic people. We rise and fall to the level of the 5 people who most influence our lives.
    1. Who are the most enthusiastic people you know?
    1. Are you spending enough time with those people?
    1. Your enthusiasm is probably the average of these people’s enthusiasm If you wish to raise your kevel of enthusiasm in life, surround yourself with enthusiastic people.
  4. Dream daily: Your dreams are your dreams for a reason. Our dreams animate us. They literally breathe new life into us. So, what are your dreams and what are you going to do about them? Start pursuing your dreams and they will fill you with new passion, energy, enthusiasm and vitality.

Its time to rediscover your enthusiasm, it’s time to flourish

Remember everyone who knows you – wants you to flourish.

If  you have ever driven a car that has alignment issues then you know how uncomfortable and dangerous and stressful it can be.

The same is true when our lives are knocked out of alignment. Life becomes stressful, uncomfortable, and riddled with anxiety.

When things are aligned, they are in correct alignment with everything else.

It is interesting how much time we spend in placing our material possessions in the right order or place.

Easier than tidying up our souls, and aligning our actions with our values.

The challenge of living consciously, ethically, morally is to align our thoughts, words and actions with our purpose and values When our actions fall out of alignment with our values the wheels begin to wobble again.

If your words thoughts and actions don’t align with what’s in your heart – you will never be at peace.

So much of our stress, unhappiness and anxiety is caused when our lives fall short of aligning with our Youth and highest values.

Stress, anxiety, depression, unhappiness are not bad things

They are not human malfunctions – they are proof that everything is working well.

They come to us as messengers. To tap us on the shoulder and point out that our lives have slipped out of alignment.

We are most fully human and most fully alive when we are living an integrated life.

This is Integrity – aligning our lives we what we know is good, true, just and right.

When we turn our backs on these, when we abandon our highest values – our Integrity gets eroded.

This always results in a loss of self. You can be sure other things are not quite right as well.

We are losing sight of who we are and what we value – losing our sense of self.

But along the way we are hurting those we love and always ourselves.

How do you realign? One decision at a time. Move your heart and mind into agreement.

So that your actions, words, values are again aligned with your true self. The Enthusiastic self.  

ENTHUSIASM is IGNITED when all parts of our life are aligned.

When we know our purpose and meaning, our values and we live with INTEGRITY – the energy and passion will flow and fill us with ENTHUSIASM.

Our Values, our associations, our beliefs, our actions and words – when all aligned – provide the VITALITY and the ENTHUSIASM for our life