The Good Life

Since Aristotle first spoke of the Good Life almost 2,500 years ago. It seems everyone has been on a quest to experience it. I have heard many people speak about it and I have read much about it.

In fact, my book is entitled Design a Good Life.

Some people think it’s about success and achievement. Some people think it is about money and things. Some think it is about love and family. Others think it is about food, wine, travel, adventure, education, meaningful work, independence, friendship and pleasure.

There is nothing wrong with any of these things. They are part of the Wellness Wheel. Unless these things are all you have. Because all of these things cannot deliver to you a Good Life.

There is one ingredient that these options or things are lacking and that is the Spiritual part of the Wellness Wheel. It is so essential that the good life is impossible to attain.

  • You would think that this ingredient would be widely sought after – it isn’t!
  • You might think that such an ingredient is scarce – it isn’t!
  • You may think this ingredient is expensive – it Isn’t!
  • You might think people would be clamoring to get their hands on it – they aren’t!
  • When people talk about the Good Life, you get the impression that it is only available to a select few – it isn’t!

There is no secret to a Good Life. It isn’t a mystery. No exceptional talent is required. It isn’t only for the rich and famous. It is available to everyone at all times.

So, what is this essential ingredient of a Good Life?

Well! It is GOODNESS itself!

The secret to the so-called Good Life has always been right before our eyes.

If you wish to live the Good Life – fill your life with GOODNESS. Fill your life with Love, Kindness, Gratitude, Compassion and Generosity.

How would your life change if your only goal was to do as much good as possible?

Decide to find out! Celebrate GOODNESS every chance you get and don’t waste your GOLD DUST.

Your Gold Dust is what you are capable of. It was what you were born for. To use and develop the Divine given gifts and talents you were given.

Yes, by all means set goals, Big Audacious Goals, plan adventures, spend time with your family and enjoy all the moments, make the money you need to be financially independent, improve your personal confidence, reputation and build the Legacy you wish to leave.

However, all will be hollow and you will not be remembered as you had wished without GOODNESS in all parts of the Wellness Wheel.

There are times I think – what a waste of time Mother Teresa’s life was. So tended to so many poor and led a very plain and simple life. And there are more poor people today than when she lived her life.

However, her mission in life was to help the person in front of her – minute by minute, day by day, year by year – and showed love, compassion, gratitude to each one.

Mother Teresa lived the Good Life. A full life. A life that will be remembered add immemorial.  

So, in all your activities and projects and day to day mundane requirements to live in this world – add GOODNESS to all you do.

Be helpful, be kind, be understanding, be generous, be joyful, be patient, smile, be grateful for the good and the bad. Understand that suffering and failure are part of life – but they are learning steps to a better YOU.

Societies the world over are becoming more materialistic, more impatient, more anxious, more fearful, more divided, more depressed and more angry. Perhaps it is effects of COVID or this combined negative effects of uncertainty, loss of work.

Our aim should be to live the GOOD LIFE. And that means adding GOODNESS to all parts of our lives. We can be happy and content in any circumstance if we aim for this ingredient.

Besides – Generosity, Kindness, Joyfulness, Compassion – all look good on you and you will attract others to you.

Most people do not want to live without GOODNESS. But the world advertises drinking, parties, new things, entertainment, pornography, games and status. All these adrenaline hits over-rule GOODNESS very easily.  

Public figures mostly do not reflect GOODNESS – so we need to believe in ourselves that the Good Life we wish to attain MUST contain GOODNESS. It must fill our Spiritual Element.

Here are some more tips:

  1. You cannot live a meaningful life by filling your life with meaningless things and activities
  2. Everyone is going to hurt you. Find the ones who are worth the heartache and suffering
  3. Don’t complain (this is a hard one). It is not attractive or productive
  4. Remove yourself from GOSSIP
  5. Give people the benefit of the doubt
  6. Ignore your critics – they will tear you down. We all have them. Comes from jealously.
  7. Death comes to all of us. When it approaches the person, you have become meets the person you could have been. So, make sure your life is spent in ensuring these two people are the same. GOODNESS should be the answer

My Vision Book Bree James