Confusion occurs when you ‘fit in’ your role or position or responsibility and base your decisions on what feels best or looks best or has the least friction attached to it – at the time.

I don’t believe that anyone is truly ever “independent”. We constantly hear of Independent Committees or Judges or Chairs or Boards. And we take comfort that they will be objective and make the best decision for all involved.

So why are many bad decisions made? Why are members of committees from community to some of the corporate Boards in our country in constant trouble over compliance, insider trading, nepotism and many other forms of corruption. Why is the culture in many organisations in such a poor moral state?

Leadership is missing and at its core is Character and Virtue. The common slogan used is: “the fish rots from the head”

There is always a little prejudice in all of us – it’s in our DNA, in the habits and in our beliefs. We can be objective and make the best decision according to the information and situation we have available. Or we can make decisions or take actions that we know do not feel right. Perhaps we gain from them. Perhaps we over ride our objectivity. Or perhaps we vote against our core values.

If our core values are not at peace with the those of the organisation – are we prepared to ditch our ego and material benefits and act by our core values. Either decline to vote, vote against or resign?

If we know our 5 main Core Values – the values that we live by. The Values that are WHO we are. The Values that allow us to look into the Mirror and like the person looking back – then our life is consistent, it is more filling, we make better decisions – in the home, at work, in the Boardroom and on committees.

WISDOM and HUMILITY are clear priorities.

We can never escape from ourselves. We can never really lie to ourselves. There is always something noring away at us that constantly nags us if we stray from WHO we really are or really wish to be. If we continue to ignore this ‘voice’ then we pay the price in mental, physical, emotional and family elements of our life.

“What we believe in our heart – we need to become” – “The me I see is the me I need to be”

One good way of becoming the best version of ourselves – perhaps the only way – is to live consistently and firmly to our Core Values. To know them and to define what they mean to us – then:

  • Say them
  • Believe them
  • Live them

Cores Values are part of our Character:

“Character is doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do – whether the whole world is watching or no one ever knows”  Colin Pearce

But one person always knows – YOU. And the little bits of good and bad build up in our sub-conscious and either bring us satisfaction, contentment, peace, joy OR resentment, anger, confusion, division and stress.

For as John Wooden would say – A Good Life is “Peace of mind which can only be attained through the self-satisfaction in knowing that you made the effort to do the best you are capable of doing”


Your values are your GPS navigation system for life. Getting them defined and properly calibrated is one of the most important steps in redirecting your life toward your grandest vision.

Below is a list of Core Values – take some time to determine the top TEN that you feel are right for you. Then give some thought to your TOP FIVE. Define them, list them, say them, believe them and live by them

List of Primary Values

Acceptance Leadership
Achievement Loyalty
Ambition Nurture
Astuteness Passion
Authentic Patience
Awareness Peace
Caring Persistence
Carefulness Power
Certainty Progress
Commitment Relaxed
Compassion Resourcefulness
Confidence Respect
Congruency Risk
Contribution Security
Courage Selective
Creativity Self Awareness
Determination Self Belief
Energy Self Esteem
Excellence Simplicity
Excitement Spirituality
Faith Strength
Family Supportive
Forgiveness Transformation
Fulfilment Truth
Fun Understanding
Giving Vision
Growth Wisdom
Happiness Power
Honesty Progress
Humility Relaxed
Independence Resourcefulness
Influence Respect
Innovative Risk
Inspirational Security
Integrity Selective
Intuition Self Awareness
Joy  — Self Belief