Is the time for activity and action – to take advantage of new opportunities, new activities, new ideas and new dreams.

It is the time to sow the fertile seeds of life – knowledge, commitment, determination and to fully focus on them

It is not the time to linger, to procrastinate, to contemplate or to be idle – it is the time to take advantage of the planning done during the winter.

Spring brings fresh air of opportunity – “Faith woven around the threads of massive opportunity”

It is time to be ready for the weeds, the rocks, the obstacles, the thorns of life that can destroy your seeds

It is the time to set aside – the pessimism, the doubts, the fear, the uncertainty, the indecision

The same God or Power who gave life and opportunity to crops – gives it to you – “Here I am” do something

The fertile fields of spring are but a part of the formula for achievement. The catalyst that produces the final result is the intense, honest and consistent human effort.

We have no guarantees of growth or success – just faith that it will occur if we are ready to plant in Spring.

Spring is the miraculous (love, prosperity, confidence) hidden among the common – if we use the sun, seed and soil of opportunity.


Is the time to protect and to nurture

Life is designed to be a story of achievement in spite of adversity

There is always cause to complain, whinge, moan and add to the down pull on life.

You can always find weeds, thorns, bugs – they don’t have to be cared for and watered. It is said that when a weed dies – 12 weeds come to the funeral. Replacing weeds with colour and opportunity is the challenge.

For all good is designed to be attacked:

  • Confidence to doubt
  • Trust into suspicion
  • Effort into procrastination, worry, defeat
  • Patience into impatience

Accept them and acknowledge them and lift your Spirit to grow and form a better Character:

  • Invest your time in worthy projects
  • Invest your thoughts toward a worthy purpose
  • Invest your talents towards a worthy occupation
  • Invest your affections towards worthy recipients
  • Reserve the greatest respect for yourself – the most important words you ever say as the words you say to yourself, about yourself when you are by yourself.

We you cannot control the weather, or the traffic, or the ones we love, or our neighbours – you can only control you:

This is the response that really counts – how you react is the choice you make.

You have the fertile seeds – You are worthy – so tap into your talents, your dreams, desires, your Greatness.


Is the time to harvest the fruits of your Spring time labour.

Autumn tells us if we have really done what is required or if we have pretended or procrastinated

There can be no disputing it is the final fruit of human effort – either production (harvest) is plentiful or not

The sower selected the seed, the soil and is accountable for the crop.

An unproductive or poor result in a season reserved for harvesting makes confession of our own past failures or successes and effort – An empty Bank Account or a full one?

“As you sow – so shall you reap” – what we put in we get back many times over

Thoughts and actions determine the result, the life style and attitude

In AUTUMN we either enjoy or we excuse or blame something or someone – the choice is HERO or VICTIM!!

Nature always promises that a cup will yield a bushel

However 40 hours of work spent in the fields of opportunity may not be enough – if you are in the wrong field

Sometimes we need to make the painful admission that the present field or pathway is too thorny, too dry or the fertile soil is too shallow – Then change what we must!!!


Winter can make its appearance at any time and threaten opportunity – storms, floods, fires, cyclones.

Human winters of despair, loneliness, disappointment, tragedy in family, economy, associations, competition – Find us either prepared or unprepared

If Prepared

Winter can be a season of opportunity- if you have sowed and reaped well

A time for – reading, family, gratitude, planning for the coming Spring, relaxation, warm conversations, not be complacent, a chance to grow in Character – in time of peace prepare for war.

If Unprepared

It can be a time of sorrow and regret because of undisciplined, unplanned, and wasted time.

Love and harmony can lead to anger and accusations and disharmony

The horror of winter will be present itself in the next Season

If you are without love, money, employment – it is winter

You have missed a spring time somewhere.

So create a NEW SPRING and forge ahead with renewed vigour and make your new opportunities with the skills, knowledge, habits you need to excel.

Let winter find you planning for spring with appreciation, optimism and gratitude for what has been achieved.

Winter time is for pondering who you are, where you are going, what you need or want to do.

In any of the 4 Seasons of Life – just like Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter:

  • Defeat is always involved with success and achievement
  • Defeat drives us to improve or to regret
  • Defeat gives you the opportunity to decide you hate losing enough to focus on winning
  • Defeat is overcome by passion, dreams, planning

Life happens and so many challenges just ‘happen onto us’.

However being aware of the reasons for the Seasons and their purpose – does provide us we a pathway to accept, to acknowledge, to feel the joy or the pain or the disappointment and Move Forward to the next SEASON of LIFE.