An ABUNDANT MINDSET allows you to move on and create a joyful fulfilling life

You have the freedom to make your life anything you desire it to be – because you have Freedom of Choice and you are limited only by your beliefs and the restraints, they place on you.

Let us look at this through the prisms of Prosperity and Creativity.


  • You can never create prosperity by talking or thinking about your lack of money
  • This is wasted thinking and cannot bring you abundance
  • Dwelling on lack only creates more lack
  • Poverty thinking only creates more poverty while Gratitude thinking brings Abundance
  • There are a few affirmations and attitudes that are guaranteed to keep prosperity beyond your reach – these are Poverty Thinking:
    • Resenting other people for the amount of money they may have puts a wall between you and your own flow.
    • There is never enough money is a terrible affirmation to use.
    • Money goes out faster than it comes in.
  • The Universe can only respond to what you believe about your self and about life
  • Examine these negative thoughts about money and then decide to let them go
  • They have probably not served you well in the past and they will not serve you well in the future
  • They place you in a Scarcity or Poverty thinking mindset
  • There has to be change to Positive Thinking to allow the Abundance of the Universe to flow through your experience
  • Affirming, Declaring, Deserving and Allowing – are the steps to demonstrating more riches than you will ever have by winning lottery
  • Another thing that can keep you from prospering is being dishonest or stealing.
    • Whatever you give out in life comes back to you. And if you take from life then life will take away from you.
    • It is a way of saying to the Universe I don’t really deserve the good in life. I have to sneak around and take it.
  • So become aware of the beliefs that may be blocking the flow of prosperity into your life and then change those beliefs and begin to create new abundant thinking.
  • Even if you are the only one in your family to do this – you open your mind to the concept of prosperity flowing in your life. If you want to prosper then we must use prosperity thinking – Two Prosperity Affirmations:
    • My income is steadily increasing
    • I prosper wherever I turn
  • There is so much Abundance in this world if we but just share it.
  • Be Grateful and willing to be open to the unlimited prosperity that exists everywhere.
  • Life supplies all my needs in great abundance I trust life
  • The Law of Attraction is powerful.  If you move from poverty thinking to prosperity thinking your life reflect this change
  • Express Gratitude for all the good in your life. Recognise that ach day brings wonderful new surprises into your life. Allow Abundance to flow freely through you. And believe that you deserve the best and accept the best – humbly.


  • You can never express your creativity by talking or thinking about what a klutz you are.
  • If you say I have no creativity then that is an affirmation that will be true for as long as you continue to use it.
  • There is a n innate creativity flowing in all of us and if we let it out it will surprise and delight us. We are all tapped into the creative flow of energy in the universe. Some of us express ourselves more creatively than others – but we all can do it
  • We all create our lives every day. Each of us has unique talents and abilities. Unfortunately, much of this is stifled by others as we grow up.
  • Another false belief is that you need to be an artist to be creative. That is only one form of creativity – there are so many more. You are creating every moment of your life from the most common, ordinary creation of new cells in your body, from choosing your emotional responses to your present job, to your bank account, to relationships with friends and to the very attitudes about yourself – is all creativity.
  • You can be creative in the kitchen, in the garden, how you are kind and generous to others,
  • Our longing is our calling. If we go with it, we will be guided, guarded and assured of success.
  • When a Purpose or a Path is laid before you, you have a choice to trust and go with it or remain stuck in the fear.
  • Trusting the perfection which resides within you is the key. It can be frightening. Everyone is afraid of something but we can do it anyway. The Universe wants you to succeed.
  • You are being creative every moment of each day. You are uniquely you in all your actions, decisions, meals, exercise, thoughts, opinions.

Every person has a choice. That is a given human right.

You can choose if you want to be a slave to the past to all things that keep you tied to poverty thinking.

Or we choose to have a life full of ABUNDANCE.

It is completely a choice of your own.

You can remain stuck in the same past versions or yourselves, or we can make a path to a greater future.



We all have a choice – We can choose to stay stuck and bitter or you can do ourself a favour by willingly forgiving the past and allow ABUNDANCE to fill our life.

The most important words you will ever say are the words you say to yourself, about yourself when you are by yourself.

Bree James Vision Book