Almost all of us use the Internet in some way too many times each day. We can use it to communicate with friends, family, business associates and so on.

Most times we receive a reply or achieve what we set out to find, to solve, or to simply connect – with one or two people. However many emails (in particular) may have others cc’d or bcc’d into the email. So our actual communication involves more than the principle one or two people with whom we are communicating directly. Depending on whether any of these are forwarded to others – the tentacles of communication continue to spread.

So it is with what each of us every day. As we go about our day we interact with many people through our activities. But, like the Internet, the influence of our words , our  manner and our actions – could affect more people than we could possibly imagine.

As we speak with one person, we never know who else is listening. Who else will ‘forward’ our ideas, our words, or our behaviour – to friends, to family or to other connections?

I focus on this ‘internet of influence’ because I am sure most of us who are doing the best we are able – can be deflated by the over whelming amount of horrible, tragic and depressing events which occur on a daily basis – in our street, our neighbourhood, our State, our country or overseas.

FEAR and UNCERTAINITY are great weapons used by most Media, large corporations, Government agencies and politicians. They can paralyse us into thinking that what we do on a daily basis to survive and thrive – that it is almost too useless to continue to improve and be a better person.

I have pondered on the life of Mother Teresa. She spent her life caring for the poor and the sick of India. Yet the numbers are still growing daily. What was the purpose to her life?

Well she lived her Purpose and provided kindness, comfort, food and shelter for those whom she encountered. Many others helped her in her cause and continue to do so. Whether they help 10% or 50% is not relevant. What is relevant is that each life is treated with dignity and sacredness. And the act of Giving is uplifting.

In our own country, apart from thousands of good causes, we have the Jane McGrath Pink Test in Sydney. The aim is to collect money to enable the Foundation to employ more Breast Cancer Care Nurses. Every year they need more nurses because of the increased demand and diagnoses. It may seem the hill will never be climbed (and it may never) – but the Foundation has influenced thousands to support it and many to work for it. They care for as many females as possible.

So how important is your life?

  • Do you believe that you do play a part in lifting the soul of your community?
  • Do you believe that every action, every word every activity – does have an influence on yourself and others?
  • Do you believe that simply offering a smile, or a kind word, or being patient and polite when another is angry – is important?

How do you feel when you are able to knowingly help another or have remained calm in the face of adversity?

  • Do you ever wonder how many other people may have been influenced by these simple actions?
  • How many times would your behaviour been cc’d or forwarded?



Perhaps it’s time you realised how wonderful and powerful you really are. You are unique.

You are scared. You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Think about all the relationships that had to occur over time. Think of the decisions that needed to be made.  Think about all the individual interactions that had to occur – between people over time – to simply allow you to be born.

Many just by chance. Even the very event of your conception is complex.

All of these describe the wonder of you. They confirm the importance of you and the very purpose of you.

So during your day – whether you are excited or flat, aware or unaware, decisive or indecisive – be assured that you are on Earth for a reason – for a Purpose and that there is a special meaning to your life.

You do Influence many people during your day. You have your own Internet. Be proud. Be confident. Be assured.

Be the best of which you are capable every day. You are fearfully and wonderfully made.