Do you think as individuals and as communities and as a nation we are doing our best –I don’t believe so: However our body, mind and spirit are very complex entities and when you add the interactions with community life it becomes very difficult. No one really knows the right script to follow day in and day out for their own long term wellbeing.

Under the threat and guise of COVID our lives have been turned upside down. We have been in a bit of a daze and not knowing who or who to believe or what advice to take.

Well we each hav eto make a stand and decide how to return to OUR NORNAL, decide what life we wish to lead and ignore most of the noise thrown at us (if we listen to it).

The Welllness Wheel includes Family, Fun, Finance, Faith, Leadership, Physical and Emotional Health.

It is each of our personal responsibility to improve in all these areas – not the Government, not the bureaucracy not our neighbours and not the people who still live in FEAR of the virus.

There is a time to LIVE again.

We can all do better if we know our Purpose for being, the meaning to our life and form a plan based on the 7 Elements of the Wellness Wheel. And there are nutrients and health advice out there to help improve our IMMUNE SYSTEM. So that we can stave off these Coronaviruses.

  1. TIME to rewire what food you ingest, exercise you do and what nutrients you need to enhance YOUR IMMUNE system
  2. What you listen to, watch, and the people you spend most time with.
  3. ASK QUESTIONS about your health and watch you put into your body.
  4. Study the information, advice, who and where it comes from – ASK for WISDOM to ensure you make the best CHOICES for yourself and those around you.
  5. TIME or HONESTY, COURAGE, PATIENCE and thoughtful way to live the rest of your life
  6. TIME to relate all these questions and answers toward your PURPOSE and MEANING to your LIFE.

You won’t get a second chance so:

  1. WHY? – you have to be something while you are here – better focus on improvement
  2. WHY NOT read all the books you can, learn as much as you can, GIVE as much as you, SHARE you knowledge with others, build as much as you can. ENJOY life as much as you can, be a HEALTHY as you can?
  3. WHY NOT YOU? You are the AUTHOR of your LIFE – you are IMPORTANT and your born to DESIGN YOUR OWN LIFE
  4. WHY NOT NOW? No better time to start, to rethink and TO Do,

Bree James My vision Book