Every life has highs and lows

We live on mountain tops valleys and plains at different stages

There have been storms and possibly more.

But here are 6 Truths: 

  1. You cannot live a meaningful life by filling your life with meaningless things and activities
  2. Every one is going to hurt you at some stage – find the ones who are worth the suffering the heartache. Don’t let anyone harden your heart. And remember even your best efforts to avoid it, you are going to hurt people as well.
  3. Don’t complain – its not attractive or productive
  4. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Life is difficult and messy and everyone is carrying some burden
  5. Death comes to us all. When death approaches – the person you have become meets the person you could have been. This is a humbling encounter. Don’t wait for it. Meet with the person you are capable of becoming for a few minutes each day. Then use your thoughts, words, actions, choices to close the gap between the person you are today and the person you are capable of being. This is the path that leads to a fulfilling life.
  6. Ignore your critics Everyone has them. They will tear down in an hour what you couldn’t build in a lifetime. But life eventually puts critics in their place. With time critics become remote and unimportant. The people who love you they don’t care about what your critics care about – they care about you as a human being. Your critics don’t see you as a human being. They dehumanise you.   They see something in you that un settles something in them. So, they have to decide to attack you or investigate their own dark mystery. Most people don’t know you well enough to compliment you or criticize you – and it is the unseen moments of our lives that define us.

Allow these 6 principles to guide your life and ensure you also work on your Spiritual Element (you Emotional Quotient (EQ)


If something was threatening your happiness, would you want to know about it?

If people knew they could never be truly whole without something and they withheld that information from you – how would you feel?

The greatest threat to your happiness and wholeness is your unrecognized spiritual needs. Your EQ

You are a spiritual being. Life is not just a Physical experience. It is clear that it is an emotional experience and an intellectual experience as well.

But we tend to neglect the reality that life is also a spiritual experience. We are obsessed with the physical aspects while ignoring the spiritual aspect.

You cannot live life to the fullest if you ignore your Spiritual element. You cannot be fully alive without a vibrant spirituality. You cannot thrive and flourish while letting your soul starve.

Today’s culture has embraced the illusion that spirituality (EQ) is an optional extra. But our spiritual needs have not diminished and are not being met. We each bear the responsibility to seek and find the spiritual nourishment we need for the next period of our journey

Our Spiritual Element (EQ) includes all the Virtues and Character Values contained in so many well known and revered books. Also includes Manners and Common Sense.

Virtues like Humility, Honesty, Integrity, Authenticity, Respect, Patience, Carefulness.

In this 21st Century it is critical that when mixing and working with people we need to place Spiritual or the Emotional Quotation (EQ) ahead of all our other business activities.

EQ allows us to connect with others. It allows us to form a bond of TRUST and COPERATION. It helps us enjoy our work, make friends and serve every customer with complete focus and presence.

There is much competition out there and the businesses who build the highest EQ will find the people they need. After all Families, Sporting Clubs, Communities and Business – ARE ALL ABOUT PEOPLE,