Concentrates on THREE things:

  1. Clear director and Directions
  2. Strip away unimportant things and block them out or remove them
  3. Put the Pedal to the Metal

We are making all great progress, but we are always out of time. Traveling fast in many directions and doing bits here and there. We are BUSY.

However: Activity # Productivity and Activity # Achievement

So how do we move away from being busy and get some real stuff done?

Well, we need to introduce and understand the  difference between VELOCITY and SPEED.

SPEED by itself is useless and probably dangerous to health, sanity and the future.

Driving a Ferrari pedal to the metal is useless if you are going in the wrong direction – especially a wall.

Instead, you also need VELOCITY.

VELOCITY = going with SPEED in a well-planned direction to a clear destination.

Most  of us think of SPEED. However VELOCITY is what we need. With it we can do more, do better, faster than just SPEED.

This is why non-experienced teams with no degrees or diplomas can out match and out do larger groups with all the qualifications in the world.

Velocity = Distance travelled over Time in a specific direction.

This is called a VECTOR = a straight line from A to B.

If you add Speed to this line you are almost unbeatable.

VELOCITY saves so much energy in going fast towards many things and accomplishing far more than you should in less time.

E.g., Usan Bolt on a treadmill – no matter how fast he goes or for how long – he gets nowhere. A toddler going in he the right direction can beat him.

However, so many distractions and disturbances prevent us concentrating on Velocity and developing our Vector for a project or other event.

Points to consider – Get the VELOCITY RIGHT:

  1. Slow down to go faster -this takes focus and commitment to – Think, Plan, Set Goals and set the steps needed to be done to achieve the Destination. – NOW you have your VECTOR
  2. Most products and actions should not be done. Many campaigns should not be run.
  3. Working on the right things and fewer things is imperative – so give much thought to WHAT is IMPORTANT and Critical.
  4. Determine your destination – what you need to achieve, by when and how.
  5. Map out the Plan to get there – this will be your VECTOR – your straight-line A to B – on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly basis and review regularly.

To achieve the strategy we have discussed – delete any useless stuff. Cut out wasting time and procrastinating and being disturbed. Velocity  is affected by most things don’t matter.

Putting on your TUNNEL VISION is crucial to block out your calendar of the unimportant/non-urgent tasks. And just schedule the important Plan and be true to it.

Once your direction and guidance systems are set – VELOCITY is now in gear and as you become familiar with your new system and more confident – SPEED comes naturally.

You will be unbeatable. You are in your VECTOR and going from A to your Clear Destination B in the VECTOR you have created.

VELOCITY = going with SPEED in a well-planned direction to a clear destination.