In the silence and the stillness you connect with your inner voice, your Spirit, your Soul – the real Essence of you.

No matter who we are, or what we do, or what we belief, or what we see ourselves achieving – we are ‘busy’. We each fill in our days with activities that are purposeful, useful , useless,  exciting, mundane, peaceful, distressed.

Most times a mixture of these.

Most of us have so many things to do, are distracted many times each hour, expend much energy doing and thinking about what else needs to be done – that we wish for an extra hour each day or an extra day each week.

There is continual noise around us – people moving and talking, emails, texts and phone calls coming at us, TV shows in the background, perhaps live 24 hour news streaming and people wanting help with problems and expecting you to fix them.

This is why we need to make time for SILENCE, for a peaceful and quite setting – to connect to WHO YOU ARE.

The quietness of a forest, the relaxed sound of a flowing stream, fishing from the bank of a river, listening to the sounds of birds and other animals – help us create a SILENCE from our ‘busy’ life. Perhaps there is Wisdom in taking notice of the Creation story in the Bible – when God rested on the 7th day.

It makes a lot of sense to nourish our Spiritual and Emotional Elements.

In being alone in SILENCE – we can listen to who we are and apply the basic question:

“Is my life working right now?”

What is your Soul telling you or asking of you? What parts of your life are working? What parts of your life are pulling you away from the Essence of you -the people you love and respect and goals you were born to achieve?

Everyone in the world has 24 hours each day – so how come some achieve so much and others wish for an extra hour or an extra day? It is linked to Purpose, to Planning, to Delegation and to Focused Time – by shutting out all the distractions and noise to ensure the main gaols are achieved by you and by others.

I can recall my first year of University. I put in dozens of hours over the weekend to study. Instead of focusing on efficiency in a shorter timeframe – I counted the number of hours before I would exercise, play table tennis or squash, or simply have a coffee with a group of friends. I got my worst results. I resolved not to repeat this mistake.

By third Year I left my study till only a few weeks from exams. The saying was; “the more you shit, the more you learn”.

It is basically true. If we have a deadline for a project most of us usually wait till a week out, before focusing on it. And we hand it in on time.

In essence we have COMPRESSED TIME. Our mind knows it has a deadline and the focus in concentrated to achieve it.

How much more could achieve in our day to day lives if we COMPRESSED TIME on more than one task each day? We would achieve more. We would be more organised. We would be less distressed and so would the people around us.

We would also have the “time” to find the SILENCE to connect with who we are.

To better answer the question – ‘Is my life working?

Silence would allow us to take stock of the previous week and plan the week to come. We would be rested, re-energised and confident that our life is working and going in the direction we wish it to be.

There is a better chance the 7 main Elements of our Life – Family, Faith, Finance, Leadership and Physical and Emotional Health – would be better balanced

Life is full of wonder, desires, challenges, distractions, adventures, unexpected encounters and ‘stuff’.

‘Stuff’ that saps your energy and time and leaves you flat, frustrated and falsely believing that ‘you don’t have enough time’.

You have the TIME. Just need to set some aside the time for SILENCE, stillness, peace and reflection.

‘Is your life really working?’