Loyalty is being faithful to those who depend on you.

  • Loyalty builds trust in ourselves and in others.
  • Loyalty is built by being more reliable, more dependable and more FAITHFUL to those who depend on you.
  • Loyalty to others is needed for the peace it brings to us as individuals.
  • Loyalty is the Force that forges individuals into a team – everyone knows they can count on each other.
  • Loyalty is earned by giving your loyalty to the team.
  • Loyalty strengthens our connection with each other.
  • Loyalty says that I can rely on OTHERS and others can rely on me.

There are people at home, at work – who depend on you. They need your LOYALTY.

There are people upon whom you depend. You need their LOYALTY.

Personal Questions:

  • When the going gets tough will you fall away and leave?
  • When a relationship is challenged – do you find a way to stick it out, change it, improve it?
  • When your job is not going the way you want it – do you stick with it or do you walk away?
  • When other parts of your life are uncomfortable -do you sleep in, call in sick or just check out of life?

Life isn’t easy? Most is mundane and we have to deal with life as it presents itself to us.

We do have choices and they lead to these present questions or discomfort.

We all have dry spells. We all encounter challenges – some bigger than we can handle.

It’s not easy becoming a better version of ourselves – that is if we are even aware that we can become better.

There is an unpopular word, and in many ways a forgotten word – FAITHFULNESS (steadfastness or fidelity, perseverance).

In many ways it’s is about knowing your tasks, your responsibility and continuing to single mindedly chartering a course to achieve this.

It most likely requires a sacrifice of comforts or position at that point in time.   

FAITHFULNESS means growing in small, mundane things. Life is 95% mundane – no matter how exciting the other 5% is. For without the mundane – the exciting won’t be experienced.

Our personal challenge is to be eager, joyful, proud and excited through FAITHFULNESS and LOYALTY.

Our eyes light up and know we are in the right place and following and living our purpose when through FAITHFULNESS we are content and peaceful in our present circumstances.

Day in and day out


Loyalty is being faithful to those who depend on you.

  • LOYALTY is remaining FAITHFUL to those who depend on you. It involves trust. Better to be trusted than liked.
  • LOYALTY cannot be created by a second party or bought. It is an act of the will- OUR WILL.
  • It has no emotion attached. It is expressed as a matter of necessity & willingness.

The definition of loyalty does not involve- like, respect for, worthy of, who gives loyalty to me?

Loyalty is not a dispensable feeling that we exercise only when we get the urge to be LOYAL or discard it if we find it distasteful.

You either have a workplace with loyalty or you don’t. There are people at work who depend on you. They need your loyalty. There are people at work upon whom you depend. You need their loyalty.

Consider these suggestions to increase your Loyalty Quotient:

  1. Deliver what you promise
  2. Promise only that which you can deliver.
  3. Finish what you start.
  4. Be on time.
  5. Express gratitude in everyone you meet and deal with – including team members & customers.

Remain faithful to those who depend on you and your Loyalty Quotient (LQ) will become very high.

  1. Examine the benefits to yourself & your team, your family, your friends if you increase your LQ
  2. Show interdependence of each of your team members along the business rope of responsibility.

Loyalty in a team environment instinctively attracts other Character Values – Honesty, Respect and Excellence – and by virtue of its TRUST factor adds Confidence to individuals and the team.

We each choose to act as we do. It is hard to do the noble thing. It is also hard to do the ignoble thing.

You are the author of your life – you make your Choices.

Decide to Design your own Good Life with Nobility and help others Design theirs.

 Acting with FAITHFULNESS, FIDELITY and LOYALTY is a powerful piece of life’s jigsaw.

In this age where the narrative in society is ‘freedom to do what I wish, how I wish and when I wish’ – I urge you to consider the words of St Pope Paul II:

“Freedom consists in not doing what we like, but having the right to do as we ought”

Hear in lies the Decision to consider the power of FAITHFULNESS, FIELITY, LOYALTY,